Decker Road Cemetery
Town of Ward
Walked, Photographed & Complied by: ELEANOR SCHWALB

This Cemetery is Abandoned. In very bad shape with downed trees, broken fence and overgrown.
Many of the stones are broken and on the ground, very black from age.
Some are upright and were easy to read.
It probably is scattered over an area of 200 x 200 (just guessing).

BAKER, Andrew spouse of Laura L.   died 12-19-1879 age 61y Co. 1 85 Retg N.Y.V.
BAKER, Andrew     died 4-10-1844 age 80y 
BAKER, Laura L. spouse of Andrew   died U/C 
BOYD, Mary E. Crandall spouse of Gordon   died 1-1-1883 age 19y 
BROWN, Prudence D. spouse of Samuel   died 7-29-1870 age 43y 6m 
BROWN, Samuel spouse of Prudence D. born 7-2-1824 died 2-1-1895 
BROWN, Sarah C. spouse of William H.   died 10-11-1866 age 18y 
BROWN, Simey W.     died 10-25-1886 age 7y 6m 22d Son of W. H. & J. Brown
COOPER, Mary spouse of Zerah   died 12-25-1882 age 62y 
COOPER, Zerah      died 5-3-1878 
CRANDALL, Polly spouse of Francis   died 12-7-1885 age 59y 
EVERETT, George     died 10-26-1870 age 60y 3m 9d 
FARWELL, James spouse of Orrilla born 6-20-1807 died 7-5-1884 age 77y 2m 16d Born at Fitchburg, Mass.
FARWELL, Miner     died 1-3-1879 age 25y 10m 3d MY HUSBAND
FARWELL, Orrilla spouse of James born 7-28-1826 died 7-25-1893 
FULLER, Andrew J. spouse of Emeline   died 5-16-1883 age 47y 4m 25d 
FULLER, Emeline spouse of Andrew J.   died 4-9-1866 age 29y 24d 
FULLER, Emeline spouse of L. L. Fuller   died 4-9-1866 
FULLER, Phebe spouse of William born 1-25-1828 died 8-18-1886 
HARDING, U/K         Son of Foster & Retta Harding  could not read rest of stone
JOHNSON, Charles G. spouse of Sarah A. born 2-21-1824 died 3-14-1898 
JOHNSON, Rebecca     died 4-9-1888 
JOHNSON, Rev. Eliprelet     died 1-20-1876 age 83y 5d 
JOHNSON, Sarah A. spouse of Charles G. born 3-17-1829 died 6-17-1879 
McELROY, Annie spouse of James born 1828 died 1898 
McELROY, Annie V.   born 1867 died 1880 age 13y Dau. of James & Annie McElroy
McELROY, Carrie   born 1871 died 1900   Dau. of James & Annie McElroy
McELROY, James spouse of Annie born 1829 died 1891 
McGIBENY, Andrew   born 2-14-1829 died 1-14-1865   Son of George & Anna McGibeny  Soldier of the War of 1861
McGIBENY, Anna spouse of George born 11-28-1799 died 5-9-1869 
McGIBENY, George spouse of Anna born 12-24-1794 died 2-14-1891 
McGIBENY, George B.   born 7-14-1834 died 4-1-1866 age 31y 8m 17d Son of George & Anna McGibeny  Co. 1 85 Regt N.Y.S. Vol. GAR 61-65
McGIBENY, John   born 1-11-1827 died 8-23-1850 age 23y 6m 2d 
MULLIGAN, Mark     died 4-17-1896 age 1y 2m 
STUCK, Abbie J.     died 6-11-1895 age 5m 
STUCK, Archie   born 1898 died 1899 
STUCK, May J. spouse of Willis born 1874 died 1899   AT REST
STUCK, May M.     died 3-17-1900 age 4m 
TULLER, Rev. James H.   born 7-10-1828 died 3-29-1890 

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