Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery
Town of Amity
Cty Rt. 20 & Church Street, in Belvidere
Walked and Recorded by Eleanor Schwalb 2005

Photos by Eleanor Schwalb

ALLEN, David Spouse of  Hannah   Died  9-7-1879 Age  77y 10m 13d 
ALLEN, Hannah Spouse of  David   Died  8-28-1878 Age  71y 29d 
AUSTIN, Cash M. Spouse of  Florence O. Born  1909 Died  1981 
AUSTIN, Florence O. Spouse of  Cash M. Born  1913 Died  1980 
AUSTIN, Howard E. Spouse of  Martha C. Born  1912 Died  1972 
AUSTIN, Martha C. Spouse of  Howard E. Born  1913 Died  1986 
BARNARD, Mary A.   Born  1831 Died  1903 
BATES, Edward L. Spouse of  Nellie A. Born  1912 Died  1971 
BATES, Nellie A. Spouse of  Edward L. Born  1911 Died  1993 
BLANCHARD, Mary Spouse of  William M. Born  12-15-1827 Died  1-11-1898 
BOOTH, Aldie E.   Born  1861 Died  1872   Dau. of William B. & Louisa Booth
BOOTH, Charlotte  Spouse of  W. O. Booth, M. D. Born  1867 Died  1903 
BOOTH, Louisa Spouse of  William B. Born  1826 Died  uncut 
BOOTH, William B. Spouse of  Louisa Born  1828 Died  uncut 
BRISBEE Sr., Floyd L. Spouse of  Doris L. Born  1902 Died  1983   Veteran Plaque reads: 12-26-1900 to 12-23-1983
BRISBEE, Doris L. Spouse of  Floyd L. Born  1907 Died  2000 
BULLOCK, F. M.     Died  4-12-1879 Age  36y Member of I.O.O.E. and A.O.U.W.
BULLOCK, H. W.     Died  2-5-1879 Age  75y 
BURDICK, Alba E. Spouse of  Ella B. Born  1849 Died  1940 
BURDICK, Ella B. Spouse of  Alba E. Born  1861 Died  1955 
BURDICK, Mary Wilson Spouse of  Franklin J. Born  8-2-1822 Died  12-9-1883 
BURGESS, H. R.   Born  4-2-1843 Died  5-17-1890   Son of Henry & Henrietta R. Burgess
BURROWS, Eli Spouse of  Sara L. Born  9-7-1823 Died  12-10-1897   At Rest
BURROWS, Joseph E.   Born  2-14-1851 Died  6-24-1859   Son of Eli S. & Sara L. Burrows
BURROWS, Sara L. Spouse of  Eli Born  9-10-1822 Died  4-17-1895   At Rest
CARMER, Kitturah     Died  3-25-1862 Age  13y 3d Dau. of Jacob & Sarah Carmer
CARMER, U/K         Son of Jacob & Sarah Carmer  (Stone all broken)
CHARLES, Margaret B.   Born  1832 Died  uncut   Erected to the Memory of
CHASE, Charlotte E.     Died  10-16-1891 Age  55y In Loving Memory of Our Mother
CHASE, Henry  G.   Born  8-16-1832 Died  6-12-1890   At Rest
CHASE, Lucinda Spouse of  William Born  1820 Died  1905 
CHASE, William     Died  4-18-1886 Age  67y 3m 
CLEMENS, Mary C.     Died  2-8-1924 Age  96y 1m 10d 
CLEMONS, Mary   Born  1829 Died  1924 
COLIN, Anna Walther   Born  1822 Died  1953 
COMSTOCK, Hannah Wood Spouse of  William Born  1834 Died  1916   Mother
COMSTOCK, Olive   Born  1877 Died  1922 
COMSTOCK, William Spouse of  Hannah Wood Born  1830 Died  1882   Father
COOK, A. Horatio Spouse of  Lydia H. Born  1868 Died  1950 
COOK, Delores E .   Born  1938 Died  1988 
COOK, Lydia H. Spouse of  A. Horatio Born  1868 Died  1935 
COOMBS, Florence S. Spouse of  William H. Born  1866 Died  1948 
COOMBS, William H. Spouse of  Florence S. Born  1863 Died  1907 
CRANDALL, Infant Daughter   Born  uncut Died  uncut   Dau. of Bert & Anna Crandall
DALTON, Charlotte     Died  9-13-1897 Age  11y 9m 15d Dau. of Robert & Nellie Dalton   Asleep in Jesus
DALTON, Charlotte Anna     Died  12-29-1866 Age  9m Dau. of William & S. Dalton
DALTON, Elva Spouse of  George W. Born  1872 Died  1961   Mother
DALTON, Fred W.   Born  1872 Died  1933 
DALTON, George W. Spouse of  Elva Born  1869 Died  1936   Father
DALTON, Robert J.     Died  5-7-1897 Age  37y 
DALTON, Susanna Spouse of  William Born  1834 Died  1900 
DALTON, William Spouse of  Susanna Born  1833 Died  uncut 
DeLONG, Nina G.   Born  1880 Died  1933 
DIBBLE, Ada Smith   Born  1869 Died  1956 
DIBBLE, Alanson J.   Born  1859 Died  1934 
DIBBLE, Ann Spouse of  P. H. Dibble   Died  1-8-1892 Age  76y 10m 
DIBBLE, C. M.     Died  1-30-1891 Age  37y 7m 25d 
DIBBLE, P. H. Spouse of  Ann   Died  6-19-1888 Age  85y 5m 9d 
DUFFEY, Rose   Born  1890 Died  1955 
EAGERTON, Baby     Died  1973 
FISH, Julia S. Spouse of  Marshall C. Born  1890 Died  1932 
FISH, Marshall C. Spouse of  Julia S. Born  1886 Died  1964 
FITZGERALD, Eva D. Spouse of  John M.   Died  10-13-1926 Age  72y 1m 2d 
FITZGERALD, John M. Spouse of  Eva D. Born  2-15-1855 Died  6-18-1933 
FITZGERALD, May J. Rice Spouse of  W. J. Fitzgerald Born  1884 Died  1909 
FOWLES, Isabel Hess   Born  1856 Died  1907 
FOX, Hannah Spouse of  Samuel Born  1812 Died  1904 
FOX, Samuel Spouse of  Hannah Born  1809 Died  1899 
GANT, Clara Spouse of  Fred Born  1881 Died  1954 
GANT, Fred Spouse of  Clara Born  1878 Died  1954 
GANT, George   Born  1903 Died  1985   Son of Fred & Clara Gant  Rest in Peace
GANT, Jay   Born  1912 Died  1999   Son of Fred & Clara Gant  Rest in Peace
GAULT, David T. W.   Born  9-25-1815 Died  11-23-1884 
GAVITT, Fred   Born  1886 Died  1966 
GILBERT, Charles D     Died  9-1-1852 Age  22y 1m 11d Son of Sylvester & Rebecca Gilbert
GILBERT, Mary J. Spouse of  H. A. Gilbert   Died  2-12-1853 Age  25y 11m 20d 
GILBERT, Rebecca J.     Died  9-15-1853 Age  1y 1m 6d Dau. of William & Mary Gilbert
GILBERT, William A.     Died  2-22-1858 Age  35y 11m 19d Son of Sylvester & Rebecca Gilbert
GRIFFITH, Mary Taft   Born  1819 Died  1998 
HARDING, Hazel E. Spouse of  Reuben C. Born  1911 Died  1982   Wed: 2-1-1930
HARDING, Reuben C. Spouse of  Hazel E. Born  1904 Died  1986   Wed: 2-1-1930
HENRY, George Spouse of  Mary Born  1840 Died  1914 
HENRY, John   Born  1842 Died  1902 
HENRY, Mary Spouse of  George Born  1841 Died  1917 
HESS, Frank N.    Born  1863 Died  1910 
HESS, Hannah E.   Born  12-8-1840 Died  5-11-1891   Dau. of Samuel & Lany Hess
HESS, Harriet J.    Born  1831 Died  1908 
HESS, Josiah   Born  1829 Died  1915 
HESS, Lany Spouse of  Samuel Born  9-5-1809 Died  2-14-1892 
HESS, Mary   Born  8-22-1802 Died  5-2-1883   At Rest   Erected in Memory by their Brother Samuel Hess
HESS, Nancy   Born  8-16-1797 Died  9-15-1859   Gone Home   Erected in Memory by their Brother Samuel Hess
HESS, Samuel Spouse of  Lany Born  3-8-1805 Died  11-2-1897 
HIGGINS, Abigail Spouse of  William   Died  9-8-1851 Age  27y 10m 
HIGGINS, William Spouse of  Abigail     Age  77y Unable to read stone
HINMAN, Bernard Sidney Spouse of  Ella Jane Born  6-18-1922 Died  7-30-1994   Pfc. U.S. Army WW2  Whither Thou Goest I Will Go
HINMAN, Ella Jane Spouse of  Bernard Sidney Born  1922 Died  1980   Whither Thou Goest I Will Go
HOLLWAY, Baby     Died  7-12-1861   Dau. of A. M. & E. L. Hollway
HOWE, Zilpha Spouse of  David   Died  8-11-18?2 Age  67y 
JACOBS, Eleanor   Born  1823 Died  1901   In Memoriam 
JACOBS, Henry D.     Died  5-22-1881 Age  81y 17d 
JENS, Gregory  Scot   Born  9-25-1951 Died  3-16-1999 
JENS, Nathan Gregory   Born  1-17-1976 Died  1-23-1976 
JERMYN, John     Died  12-14-1893 Age  82y 
KENNEDY, Charlotte     Died  8-31-1869 Age  11m 20d Dau. of P. T. & C. L. Kennedy
KETCHAM, Hubert G.   Born  1914 Died  1976 
KUD, Elisabeth Anne   Born  1-4-1954 Died  9-12-2002 
LEE, Frances H.   Born  1918 Died  1950 
MANNING, Florence B.   Born  1888 Died  1921 
MASTIN, Cynthia L. Spouse of  Samuel T. Born  1889 Died  1963 
MASTIN, Otis         Flat plate in ground - no dates
MASTIN, Rebecca         Flat plate in ground - no dates
MASTIN, Samuel T. Spouse of  Cynthia L. Born  1884 Died  1959 
MINER, Ellie E.     Died  8-9-1870   Dau. of William & A. Miner
MOREHOUSE, Alice V.     Died  7-7-1872 Age  10y 5d Dau. of G. E. & C. S. Morehouse
MOREHOUSE, Clemintine S. Spouse of  George E.   Died  12-3-1889 Age  54y 
MOREHOUSE, George E.     Died  2-9-1899 Age  76y 3d 
MOREHOUSE, Wallace L.     Died  2-2-1876 Age  18y Son of G. E. & C. S. Morehouse
MURPHY, Nicholas, S.E.   Born  12-3-1980 Died  1-6-1981   Beloved Son
MURRAY, Barbara P. Spouse of  Thomas W. Priest Born  1918 Died  uncut   Feed My Sheep
MURRAY, Thomas W. Priest Spouse of  Barbara P. Born  1912 Died  1985   Feed My Sheep
NEWTON, Frank   Born  1843 Died  1906 
NEWTON, Fred Spouse of  Rena Born  1880 Died  1948 
NEWTON, Rena Spouse of  Fred Born  1881 Died  1956 
O'KEEFE, Harold N. Spouse of  Ruth H. Born  1906 Died  1979 
O'KEEFE, Ruth H. Spouse of  Harold N. Born  1908 Died  1996 
ORTON, Angnelaus (?) J.     Died  7-?-1850   Dau. of A. P. & Maria Orton
OSTERHOUT, Chas.     Died  4-4-1886 Age  49y Co. B. 8 Minn. Vol. Inf.
PALMER, Francis   Born  8-28-1934 Died  11-9-1968   New York RMSA U. S. Navy
PATTERSON, Lena   Born  1874 Died  1914 
PATTERSON, Pliney   Born  1877 Died  1952 
PECK, Infant Son   Born  uncut Died  uncut   Son of George & ? Peck  (unable to read)
PECKMAN, Hannah A. Spouse of  Almond   Died  2-23-1875 Age  57y 8m 
PECKMAN, Lester Spouse of  Mary Born  1844 Died  1907 
PECKMAN, Mary Spouse of  Lester Born  1851 Died  1897 
PETERSON, Ada Spouse of  Mahlon Born  1876 Died  1923 
PETERSON, Elizabeth C.   Born  1844 Died  1922 
PETERSON, Harold R. spouse of Helen D. Scott born 2-4-1912 died 1-16-2007 age 94y Son of Mahlon & Ada Peterson  b. Scio, N.Y. d. Wellsville, N.Y.  Wed: 8-17-1935 in Belmont, N.Y. 
PETERSON, Helen Spouse of  Harold Born  1919 Died  2001 
PETERSON, Mahlon Spouse of  Ada Born  1852 Died  1918 
PETTY, Deborah   Born  9-12-1793 Died  5-13-1887 
POST, Bertha M. Spouse of  Grant A. Born  1908 Died  1982 
POST, C. H.   Born  1877 Died  1911 
POST, Charles Spouse of  Rachel L. Born  1839 Died  1913 
POST, Clarence  B. Spouse of  Erie E. Born  1897 Died  1971 
POST, DeForest C.   Born  1902 Died  1965   U. S. Merchant Marine WW2  (Plaque reads: 3-2-1913 to 8-16-1965
POST, Elvira B.   Born  7-28-1855 Died  11-2-1939   In Loving Memory of
POST, Erie E. Spouse of  Clarence B. Born  1901 Died  1958 
POST, Fay A.   Born  9-24-1898 Died  7-31-1969   Pvt. Med. Dept. WW2
POST, Fred A.   Born  1877 Died  1877   Child of Charles & Rachel L. Post
POST, Grant A. Spouse of  Bertha M. Born  1906 Died  2000 
POST, Helen E.   Born  1900 Died  1977 
POST, Jennie S.   Born  1890 Died  1970 
POST, Lyman   Born  3-20-1895 Died  7-28-1950   New York Pvt. 305 Field Arty. 77 Division WW1
POST, Mary M. Spouse of  Peter   Died  1-23-1881 Age  75y 11m 
POST, Mira   Born  1874 Died  1875   Child of Charles & Rachel L. Post
POST, Rachel L. Spouse of  Charles Born  1848 Died  1928 
POST, Walter A.   Born  3-23-1851 Died  3-9-1923   In Loving Memory of
QUAW, Ebenezer     Died  3-18-1877 Age  25y 9m 28d 
RANSON, Charlotte Comstock   Born  1880 Died  1964 
REDFIELD, L.     Died  3-27-1872 Age  44y 
REDFIELD, Wilson     Died  5-17-1864 Age  55y 5m 
REESE, Cathrine Spouse of  Frank   Died  12-27-1886 Age  73y 
REESE, Frank Spouse of  Cathrine   Died  3-14-1898 Age  84y 
ROBERTSON, Minnie M.   Born  1878 Died  1946 
SAWYER, Ansel J. Spouse of  Frances A.   Died  12-23-1872 Age  44y In Memory Of
SCOTT, Adam     Died  2-24-1894 Age  72y At Rest
SCOTT, Anna Spouse of  Archie Born  1863 Died  1906 
SCOTT, Archie Spouse of  Anna Born  1858 Died  uncut 
SCOTT, Betsy E. Spouse of  Walter Born  1861 Died  1930   Mother
SCOTT, Bridget Spouse of  Chester Born  1835 Died  uncut 
SCOTT, C. L. Spouse of  Mary C. Born  1868 Died  1932 
SCOTT, Charlie   Born  1875 Died  1900   Son of Chester & Bridget Scott
SCOTT, Chester Spouse of  Bridget Born  1832 Died  uncut 
SCOTT, Clair A . Spouse of  Clara A. Born  6-12-1897 Died  2-5-1980   Pvt. U.S. Army
SCOTT, Clara A. Spouse of  Clair A. Born  1908 Died  1983 
SCOTT, Edward   Born  9-14-1869 Died  1-23-1909 
SCOTT, Edward C. Spouse of  Rose E. Born  1893 Died  1960 
SCOTT, Frank   Born  1879 Died  1947 
SCOTT, Gerald L.     Died  8-9-1943 
SCOTT, Harold E.   Born  3-5-1918 Died  10-10-1977   Pvt. U.S. Army WW2
SCOTT, Lloyd A.     Died  1-18-1924 
SCOTT, Lloyd E.     Died  4-13-1886 Age  4m 27d Son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Scott  OUR BABY  We Miss Thee
SCOTT, Lois R.   Born  5-16-1838 Died  11-9-1923 
SCOTT, Mabel I.   Born  1921 Died  1934 
SCOTT, Mary C. Spouse of  C.L. Scott Born  1872 Died  1923 
SCOTT, Robert C.   Born  1886 Died  1890   Son of Archie & Anna Scott
SCOTT, Rose E. Spouse of  Edward C. Born  1899 Died  1964 
SCOTT, Seneca   Born  1827 Died  1902 
SCOTT, Walter Spouse of  Betsy E. Born  1856 Died  1937   Father
SHAWL, Genevive Spouse of  Raymond Born  1918 Died  2002 
SHAWL, Raymond Spouse of  Genevive Born  1913 Died  1941 
SHEPPARD, Jean M.   Born  1916 Died  2004   No Stone
SHEPPARD, John   Born  1914 Died  1995   No Stone
SIMONS, Charles G. Spouse of  Jennie D. Born  1863 Died  1954 
SIMONS, Jennie D . Spouse of  Charles G. Born  1881 Died  1947 
SMITH, Adrian W.   Born  1867 Died  1903 
SMITH, Arabelle A.    Born  1854 Died  1924 
SMITH, James S.   Born  1859 Died  1929 
SMITH, Nancy Glosson Spouse of  D. Smith   Died  12-1-1859 Age  65y 10m 11d 
SPRING, Gertrude L.   Born  1912 Died  2003 
SPRING, Paul R.   Born  6-7-1912 Died  1-12-1988   Pfc. U.S. Army WW2
STARR, Dean Emma   Born  1859 Died  1909   Written on stone as "Dean Emma"
STARR, Eliza Spouse of  George Born  1833 Died  1917   Mother
STARR, George Spouse of  Eliza Born  1845 Died  1933   Father
STARR, George E. Spouse of  Mary F. Born  1861 Died  1943 
STARR, Mary F. Spouse of  George E. Born  1862 Died  1946 
STARR, Willie   Born  uncut Died  uncut   Son of George & Mary Starr
STEARNS, Fred E . Spouse of  Mary S. Born  1855 Died  1929 
STEARNS, Mary S. Spouse of  Fred E. Born  1858 Died  1922 
TAFT, Ida E.   Born  1860 Died  1914 
TAFT, James F.   Born  1847 Died  1913   Father
THOMAS, B. J.     Died  12-11-1859 Age  32y 6m 18d 
THOMAS, Baby         Son of A. F. & Lorien Thomas
THOMAS, Bertha A.     Died  2-16-1883 Age  5y 11m 10d 
THOMAS, Bertie     Died  9-24-1876 Age  23d Son of C. H. & Mary A. Thomas   Our Bertie
THOMAS, C. H. Spouse of  Mary A. Born  1825 Died  1906   Father
THOMAS, Charles L. Spouse of  Mae Starr T. Ruding Born  1888 Died  1941 
THOMAS, Frank B.   Born  1-16-1861 Died  6-27-1927 
THOMAS, L. F.  Spouse of  Lovisa Born  1833 Died  1906 
THOMAS, Lovisa Spouse of  L. F. Thomas Born  1839 Died  1902 
THOMAS, Mae Starr T. Ruding Spouse of  Charles L. Born  1889 Died  1986 
THOMAS, Mary A. Spouse of  C. H. Thomas Born  1836 Died  1913 
THORP, Edith M.   Born  1873 Died  1884 
THORP, Frank A.   Born  1843 Died  1889 
TOWNSEND, Edna Spouse of  Michael Born  1897 Died  1950 
TOWNSEND, George Spouse of  Harriet A. Born  1831 Died  1914   Co. 1 15th Regt. Pa. Vol. Cav.
TOWNSEND, Harriet A. Spouse of  George Born  1847 Died  1925 
TOWNSEND, Michael Spouse of  Edna Born  1880 Died  1957 
TRUESDALE, Andrew M. Spouse of  Emily Post Born  1851 Died  1929 
TRUESDALE, Emily Post Spouse of  Andrew M. Born  1865 Died  1904 
TRUESDALE, Jessie E.   Born  1887 Died  1902   Dau. of Andrew M. & Emily Post Truesdale
UTTER, Clara Peck   Born  uncut Died  uncut 
UTTER, James   Born  uncut Died  uncut 
UTTER, Phoebe   Born  uncut Died  uncut 
UTTER, Priscilla   Born  uncut Died  uncut 
UTTER, Victor   Born  uncut Died  uncut 
VAN DYKE, Baby Boy   Born  1935 Died  1935 
VAN DYKE, Baby Girl   Born  1934 Died  1934 
VICKORY, Janett S.   Born  10-12-1859 Died  9-14-1933 
WALTHER, Amanda  S. Spouse of  Philip Born  7-11-1836 Died  10-22-1918 
WALTHER, Louis P.     Died  4-25-1894 Age  20y 10m Son of Philip & Amanda Walther  Rest In Peace
WALTHER, Luella H.     Died  6-16-1872 Age  3y 7m Dau. of Philip & Amanda Walther
WALTHER, Peter W.   Born  1875 Died  1918 
WALTHER, Philip Spouse of  Amanda S. Born  9-9-1836 Died  1-4-1913 
WANDOVER, Harriet   Born  1910 Died  1930   Our Darling
WATEROUS, Helen J. Spouse of  Samuel Born  1846 Died  1877 
WATEROUS, Infant Son   Born  1877 Died  1877 
WHITE, Jesse   Born  1805 Died  1868   War of 1812
WHITE, John J.   Born  1837 Died  1866   Co. D 141 N.Y.V.
WHITE, Rachel   Born  1801 Died  1867 
WILCOX, Chas. Spouse of  Julia Born  5-7-1897 Died  5-10-1985 
WILCOX, Julia Spouse of  Chas. Born  7-31-1899 Died  12-5-1988 
WILKINSON, Susanna Graham Spouse of  Roy G. Born  10-7-1882 Died  6-8-1901   Dau of W. J. & M. M. Graham  He Giveth His Beloved Sleep

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