Caneadea Cemetery
Town of Caneadea
Submitted February 11, 2005 by Eleanor Schwalb transcribing stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber
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ABBEY, Anna spouse of  Lyman   died  10-9-1854 age  35y 
ABBEY, Lyman spouse of  Anna       No Information
AGER, Anna   born  1801 died  1889 
AGER, Bardette     died  6-11-1892 age  27y 
AGER, Ebenezer   born  1795 died  1863 
AGER, Eugene     died  1923 
AGER, Joseph N.   born  1827 died  1836 
AGER, Sarah E.   born  1843 died  1917 
AGER, Wertzel J.   born  1846 died  1907 
AYER, Hannah H.   born  1836 died  1902 
AYER, Merritt   born  1834 died  U/K 
BACON, B. J.   born  1847 died  1924 
BACON, Berriah   born  4-3-1833 died  7-22-1896 
BACON, Minnie E.   born  1883 died  1884 
BALCOM, Charles E.   born  1864 died  U/K 
BALCOM, Clarissa     died  9-1-1867 age  85y 
BALCOM, Columbus   born  1823 died  1899 
BALCOM, Cora A.   born  1861 died  1912 
BECKMAN, Edwin   born  1814 died  1904 
BEEBE, Ellie L.         No Information
BEEBE, Gladys A .   born  1892 died  1904 
BEEBE, Nina E.         No Information
BIDWELL, Belle Davis       age  44y 
BIGELOW, Benjamin F. spouse of  Eliza White born  5-16-1817 died  10-7-1906 
BIGELOW, Eliza White spouse of  Benjamin F. born  2-28-1823 died  3-13-1894 
BIGELOW, Henry   born  2-114-1847 died  7-9-1864   Son of Benjamin F. & Eliza White Bigelow
BIGELOW, Willie   born  4-25-1854 died  9-28-1854   Son of Benjamin F. & Eliza White Bigelow
BRANCH, Fred D.   born  1877 died  1919 
BRANCH, Robert   born  1849 died  1919 
BURLESON, Agnes L.   born  1835 died  1913 
BURLESON, Henry   born  1830 died  1875 
BURLESON, Jennett     died  5-14-1856 age  23y 2m 22d 
BURLESON, Lois     died  4-21-1863 age  9y 9m 
BURR, Baby         No Information
BURR, Charles         No Information
BURR, Col. A. L. spouse of  Miranda C. born  1821 died  1878   189th N.Y. Vol.
BURR, Fred         No Information
BURR, Isadore         No Information
BURR, Mable         No Information
BURR, Mildred   born  1902 died  1925 
BURR, Miranda C. spouse of  Col. A.  L. Burr   died  1904 
BURR, Monument   born  1889 died  1922 
BUTLER, Deborah   born  1833 died  1911 
CHAMBERLAIN,  D. Webster   born  1845 died  1930 
CHAMBERLAIN, Marie E.   born  1849 died  1930 
CHANDLER, Ann     died  10-11-1860 age  19y 6m 18d 
CHANDLER, David D.   born  1837 died  1899   Co. C. Reg N.Y.V.
CLARK, C. D.      died  11-1-1848 age  4y 9d Son of Reuben J. & Elizabeth D. Clark
CLARK, Commodore D.     died  8-26-1932 age  78y 22d 
CLARK, Edward J.     died  6-1-1891 age  53y Co. B. 189 N.Y. Inf.
CLARK, Elizabeth spouse of  R. S. Clark born  6-22-1814 died  11-11-1890 
CLARK, Jewell     died  11-25-1848 age  5y 6m Son of Reuben J. & Elizabeth D. Clark
CLARK, R. S. spouse of  Elizabeth born  1-23-1811 died  2-4-1887 
CLICKERTS, Henry C.   born  1859 died  1918 
DAGE, Dora spouse of  W. D. Dage born  1854 died  1887 
DAGE, W. D. spouse of  Dora       No Information
DAILY, Dickson A.     died  1892 age  58y 
DAILY, Emily   born  1839 died  1904 
DOOLEY, Angelica Clark Willard   born  2-8-1836 died  6-17-1918 
DOOLEY, James H.     died  2-10-1896 age  48y 
DUELL, Ethel M.   born  1815 died  1917 
DUNCAN, Elizabeth   born  1841 died  U/K 
DUNCAN, Lyman E.   born  1836 died  1906 
DUNHAM, Milton         No Information
EDSON, Christine   born  1842 died  1925 
EDSON, Iren   born  1839 died  1910 
ELLIS, James A.     died  7-27-1861 age  22y 5m 
ELLIS, Leon   born  2-17-1896 died  6-12-1898   Son of William & A. Ellis
ELLIS, Mary J.     died  6-8-1865 age  13y 5m 
EVANS, David D. spouse of  Mahala born  1834 died  1898 
EVANS, Mahala spouse of  David D. born  1836 died  U/K 
FISHER, A. A.   born  1860 died  1911 
FISHER, Luella   born  1858 died  1887 
FITCH, Leander C.   born  1845 died  1924 
FITCH, Minnie C.   born  1846 died  1911 
FLINNO, Catharine   born  1788 died  1881 
FRANKLIN, A. H. spouse of  Lones born  5-11-1798 died  1-2-1884   b. Banbridge, Chenango County, N.Y.
FRANKLIN, Lones spouse of  A. H. Franklin born  11-20-1806 died  1-6-1879 
GIBOO, Deforest J.   born  1834 died  1898 
GIBOO, James     died  8-8-1888 age  23y 
GIBOO, Mamie         No Information
GROW, Sally F. Rice spouse of  J. M. Grow   died  12-30-1877 age  66y 4m 10d 
GROW, Umice spouse of  Jacob E.   died  2-12-1852 age  51y 
GRUMMON, Saradis Clark   born  5-6-1850 died  6-29-1884 
HALE, Alfred spouse of  Arilla born  1841 died  1923 
HALE, Arilla  spouse of  Alfred born  1847 died  1924 
HALE, Lluella   born  10-25-1878 died  5-21-1921 
HALLOCK, Helen     died  3-10-1878 age  26y 
HENDRY, Edna B.   born  1885 died  1886 
HILLMAN, Harley D.   born  1900 died  1926 
HILLMAN, May    born  1870 died  U/K 
HILLMAN, Walter D.   born  1838 died  1916 
HOMER, Adelia   born  1839 died  1867 
HOMER, Algeoy   born  1834 died  U/K 
INGERSOLE, Celia     died  5-22-1849 age  3y 4m 19d Dau. of John & Jannett Ingersole
INGERSOLE, Jannett spouse of  John   died  8-24-1859 age  42y 23m 3d 
INGERSOLE, Jerome   born  1851 died  1899 
INGERSOLE, John spouse of  Jannett   died  1-18-1884 age  73y 
INGRAHAM, Adelia   born  1862 died  1863 
INGRAHAM, Edward   born  1873 died  1873 
INGRAHAM, George L. spouse of  Mandana B. born  1829 died  U/K 
INGRAHAM, Mandana B . spouse of  George L. born  1839 died  1909 
IRISH, Mary spouse of  Wesly born  1855 died  1909 
IRISH, Wesly spouse of  Mary born  1848 died  U/K 
JACKSON, Allen L.     died  8-4-1931 age  56y 9m 28d 
JACKSON, Andrew F.    born  1846 died  1922 
JACKSON, Col. James A. spouse of  Matilda   died  4-4-1888 age  81y 
JACKSON, Matilda spouse of  James A. born  12-20-1816 died  4-24-1852 
JACKSON, No First Name     died  5-8-1879 age  17t Name broken off
JOHNSON, Albert H.   born  1816 died  1832 
JOHNSON, Eliza   born  1839 died  1926 
JOHNSON, Erastus W.   born  1829 died  1900 
JOHNSON, Esq. W.       age  48y Co. E. 134 N.Y. Vol.
JOHNSON, Mary Ball   born  1867 died  1875 
JOHNSON, Mother spouse of  John H. born  1810 died  1888 
JOHNSON, William   born  3-7-1805 died  6-16-1860 
JONES, Ellen R. Van Dyke   born  1838 died  1910 
JONES, George W.   born  1839 died  1908 
JONES, Mariam D.   born  1851 died  1924 
LEWIS, Betsy spouse of  Loren       Dates Gone
LEWIS, Loren spouse of  Betsy born  1803 died  1885 
MADISON, Marilla   born  1844 died  1882 
MAGEE, David         9 N.Y. Vol.
MALSON, William   born  1858 died  1890 
MATSON, Clinton     died  2-2-1877 age  51y 
MATSON, Duane A.   born  1855 died  1897 
MATSON, William Edward   born  1858 died  1890 
McKEE, Johnson     died  9-15-1890 age  71y 
McKEE, LaFayette   born  1853 died  1916 
McKEE, Lucy   born  1857 died  1930 
McKEE, W. F .   born  1845 died  1928 
MEAD, Augustus   born  12-18-1857 died  10-18-1861   Son of Jerome & Marietta Mead
MEAD, Marietta A.   born  1831 died  1913 
MERVILLE, Floyd E. Wilson spouse of  M. J. Merville born  1873 died  1917 
MERVILLE, M. J. spouse of  Floyd E. Wilson born  1870 died  U/K 
METKER, John J.     died  3-28-1811 age  2y 
MILLER, Jerome B. spouse of  Venere J. born  6-13-1825 died  11-17-1863 
MILLER, Venere J. spouse of  Jerome B. born  2-24-1830 died  1-11-1891 
NEWVILLE, H. G.          2nd N.Y. Rifle
NEWVILLE, Henry C.       age  33y 
NICHOLSON, A. S.     died  8-23-1887 age  72y Co. G. 9 N.Y. Cav.
NICHOLSON, Caroline H. spouse of  Edward   died  3-1866 age  51y 
NICHOLSON, Edward   born  10-21-1799 died  8-11-1885 
NICHOLSON, Mary spouse of  Micholas   died  6-3-1848 age  25y 
NICHOLSON, Mary     died  4-24-1857 age  2y 11m 
NICHOLSON, Micholas spouse of  Mary   died  4-2-1857 age  82y 
NICHOLSON, Robert  W.     died  5-31-1878 age  8y Drown
NICHOLSON, Susan   born  2-28-17?4 died  2-28-1853 
PETERS, Alice spouse of  Henry born  1-27-1858 died  2-27-1932 
PETERS, Eranest H.   born  9-17-1872 died  10-13-1872 
PETERS, Henry spouse of  Alice born  4-25-1844 died  12-17-1884 
PETERS, May Belle   born  11-8-1868 died  5-12-1870 
RAWSON, Franklin spouse of  H. M. Rawson    died  12-13-1892 age  71y 
RAWSON, H. M. spouse of  Franklin   died  5-16-1888 age  60y 
RICE, Abel   born  4-30-1807 died  4-29-1889 
RICE, Josiah spouse of  Sardis   died  11-11-1858 age  82y 
RICE, Sardis spouse of  Josiah     age  86y 
RICH, Arthur    born  9-5-1812 died  12-1-1887   b. England
RICH, Celina     died  1880 
RICH, George W.   born  1841 died  1910 
RICH, Henrietta   born  1843 died  1913 
RICH, William     died  1862 
RUSSELL, A.   born  1835 died  U/K 
RUSSELL, Joseph T.   born  1829 died  1907 
SACKETT, Susan   born  3-12-1827 died  10-5-1921 
SCOTT, Ella spouse of  J. Ashley born  1854 died  1930 
SCOTT, Hannah spouse of  James born  1829 died  1894 
SCOTT, J. Ashley spouse of  Ella born  1853 died  1925 
SCOTT, James spouse of  Hannah born  1818 died  U/K 
SCOTT, John spouse of  Sarah L. born  1845 died  1899 
SCOTT, Maude   born  1869 died  1884   Dau. of James & Hannah Scott
SCOTT, Sarah L. spouse of  John born  1847 died  U/K 
SCRIBNER, Henrietta   born  1847 died  1913 
SCRIBNER, James         Co. H. 7th N.Y. Inf.
SHANK, Eva Mary      died  1-12-1929 age  71y 3m 4d 
SHERMAN, Ann Stenwick   born  1910 died  1929 
SHERMAN, Emma J.   born  1855 died  U/K 
SHERMAN, Mate J.   born  1853 died  1891 
SHERMAN, Nathaniel B.   born  1854 died  1931 
SHERMAN, Willard   born  1851 died  1923 
SLUSSER, Amanda Sara     died  1853 
SLUSSER, Daniel     died  1856 age  86y 11m
SLUSSER, Ella     died  1847 age  72y
SLUSSER, Nicholas     died  1850 age  77y
SMITH, Frank   born  12-27-1866 died  12-7-1929 
SPENCER, Helen E.   born  1828 died  U/K 
SPENCER, Sylvester   born  1820 died  1899 
SPENCER, Welthan  spouse of  Allen born  1802 died  1854 
SPIERS, Thomas   born  1815 died  1896 
STEPHENS, Christian   born  1828 died  1908 
STEPHENS, Lyman L.   born  1822 died  1909 
STEWART, Andrew J.   born  1838 died  1918 
STEWART, Crlista   born  1847 died  1889 
STEWART, Father   born  1814 died  1892 
STEWART, Fred L.   born  1875 died  1930 
STEWART, Helen Joan   born  1848 died  1914 
STEWART, Janet   born  1857 died  1858 
STEWART, Lottie M. Bate   born  1881 died  U/K 
STEWART, Mother   born  1820 died  1864 
SWAN, Adeline C.   born  2-21-1830 died  7-23-1919 
SWAN, Edwin P.   born  8-4-1821 died  4-13-1911 
SWAN, Henrietta E. Johnson   born  1841 died  1922 
SWAN, Ira   born  1883 died  1925 
SWAN, Lucinda M. Allen spouse of  William C. born  1855 died  1927 
SWAN, William E.   born  9-18-1877 died  9-7-1902 
SWAN, William G.   born  3-8-1853 died  12-14-1910 
THOMPSON, Mrs. Helen         Of Rushford
TRALL, Alice   born  1850 died  1932 
TULIAR, Marchius H.   born  1816 died  1879 
VAN DUSEN, Joel M.   born  1849 died  1905 
VAN DUSEN, Mary   born  1852 died  1920 
WALKER, Jane      died  1-7-1855 age  57y Formerly wife of Rev. Nathaniel Stone of Mansfield, Mass.
WANENITIEN, Andrew         No Information
WANENITIEN, Augusta     died  11-17-1878 age  21y 
WASHBON, Edwin M.   born  1846 died  1921 
WASHBON, Margaret   born  1846 died  U/K 
WELCH, Mary spouse of  James   died  11-11-1861 age  41y 3m 25d 
WELLS, Augustine Harris   born  1819 died  1909   Dau. of Asa & Miriam Harris
WESCOTT, C. H.  spouse of  Lucy V. born  1832 died  1909 
WESCOTT, Lucy V. spouse of  C. H. Wescott born  1835 died  U/K 
WEST, Nathan     died  4-1-1852 age  79y 
WESTBROOK, Julia A. spouse of  Julius F. born  3-4-1819 died  8-28-1888 
WESTBROOK, Julius F. spouse of  Julia A. born  2-2-1817 died  9-19-1870 
WHEATON, Nelson E.     died  11-13-1845 age  34y 
WHITE, Edwin D.   born  1847 died  1917 
WHITE, Florence         No Information
WHITE, Joseph M.   born  1815 died  1899 
WHITE, Julia S.   born  1816 died  1897 
WILSON, Christopher   born  1819 died  1886 
WILSON, Harriet spouse of  C. O. Wilson   died  2-15-1854 age  27y 
WILSON, Lois   born  1833 died  1908 
WOLF, Henrietta   born  1893 died  1896 
WOLF, Sarah Randal   born  1843 died  1908 

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