Town of Independence

This cemetery has at least 3 names  It has been called Briggs Cemetery, State Line Cemetery  & United States  Cemetery .
Access to this cemetery is limited as there is no road to drive into it. You must park along side of road and climb a steep bank.
Most of the stones are in poor condition. The few that are standing are fairly clear
Walked & Photo by Donna Allen July 9 ,2004

Photo by Donna Allen July 9 ,2004
Photo courtesy of Brenton Bacon  (Click to view larger)

BACON, David Died 6-16-1897 Age 72y 2m6d s/o Ira & Naomi Bacon, from the Bacon Family record: b. 4/5/1842, d. 6/11/1854, age 12y
BACON, Ira Spouse of  Naomi J.A.C.    Died 6-21-1868 Age 55y 11m from the Bacon Family record: b. 8/5/1801, d. 7/21/1868, age 67y
BACON, Naomi J.A.C. Bennett Spouse of  Ira Died 3-5-1875 Age 69y8m8d from the Bacon Family record: b. 7/8/1806, d. 3/16/1875, age 68y
BLASIER, Joel     Died 3-17-1839 Age 7y 6m 5d Son of Abram & Anna Blasier
BRIGGS, Adelbert     Died 2-5-1843 Age 9 months Son of Isaac & Ama Briggs
BRIGGS, Ama M.  Spouse of  Isaac H.    Died 3-15- 1854 Age 37y 4m 2d 
BRIGGS, Amella A.         Dau. of Isaac & Ama M. Briggs
BRIGGS, David         Son of Job Briggs
BRIGGS, David S. Spouse of  Fannie   Died 9-28- 1861 Age 62y 2m 4d 
BRIGGS, Elisha P.     Died 4-21-1841 Age 3y 8m 24d Son of David & Fannie Briggs
BRIGGS, Fannie Spouse of  David S.   Died 4-30- 1871 Age 71y 8m 20d 
BRIGGS, Fernando C.     Died 11-21-186? Age 20y 5m 22d Civil War - Co "H" 85th Regt NY Vols
BRIGGS, Fred M.   Born 10-19-1869 Died 11-8- 1881   Son of Ransom L. & Fannie Martin Briggs  "A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is still. A place is vacant at our hearth.Which time can never fill." 
BRIGGS, Infant     Died 11-1-1840 Age 18d 
BRIGGS, Infant     Died 7-8-1848   Dau. of Isaac & Ama Briggs
BRIGGS, Isaac H. Spouse of  Ama M.   Died 10-12- 1877 Age 55y ?m 7d 
BRIGGS, Susannah Spouse of  Stephen    Died 7-10-1841 Age 51y 10m 
ENSWORTH, Albert R.     Died 9-18-1849 Age 7y 7m 10d s/of Hermon & Betsey Named changed to Ainsworth by descendants
ENSWORTH, Hermon Spouse of  Betsey   Died 6-30- 1857 Age 61y 3m 5d Named changed to Ainsworth by descendants
ENSWORTH, Martin L.     Died 2-24-1856 Age 11y 8m 16d s/of Hermon & Betsey Named changed to Ainsworth by descendants
GREENE, Leon H.   Born 1886 Died 1910 Age 25y 5d 
GROVER, Nellie     Died 2-27-1879 Age 1y 9 d 
HANN, Elery     Died 2-5- 1880 Age 6y 5m Son of George & Jane Hann
HANN, George M. Spouse of  Jane M. Born 1848 Died 1923 
HANN, Jane M. Spouse of  George M.  Born 1853 Died 1914 
HILL, Wilber W.   Born 1870 Died 1896 
HOWE, Caroline Spouse of  Rufus    Died 2- ?? Age 27y 5m 27d 
JACKSON, Selinda S. Spouse of  John    Died 7-12-1840 Age 39y 3m 21d 
LA FORGE, Anna Spouse of  M. T. La    Died 5-19- 1848 Age 43y 4m 4d 
LANCASTER, Infant     Died 1-25-1833   Son of David & Betsy Ann Lancaster
LANCASTER, Phebe Spouse of  Stephen    Died 9-2- 1816 Age 65y 5m 12d 
LEWIS, Angeline W. Spouse of  Caleb   Died 7-25-1848 Age 36y 5m 7d 
LEWIS, Betsey Spouse of  Abram   Died 6-25-1851 Age 73 
LEWIS, Caleb Spouse of  Angeline W.   Died 7-20-1851 Age 4y 19d 
LEWIS, Carinda E.     Died 8-24-1851 Age 20y 7m Dau. of Caleb & Angeline W. Lewis
LEWIS, Henry J.     Died 9-7-1842 Age 3y 3m 17d Son of Caleb & Angeline W. Lewis
MCCURDY, Betsey A.   Spouse of  Robert   Died 4-6- 1876 Age 56y 11m 13d Dau. of David & Frannie Taylor Briggs
NEAL, Adelia     Died 2-1- 1860 Age 8y 6m 23d Dau. of John & Mary Neal
NEAL, Ahmella A. Spouse of  John W.        Headstone is broken & some pieces gone
NEAL, John P. Spouse of  Mary   Died 12-6-1894 Age 82y 11m 
NEAL, Mary Spouse of  John P.   Died 9-10-1875 Age 59y 3m 
POTTER, Lucina J. Spouse of  E. T.  Born 4-5- 1847 Died 11-13-1878 
ROBBINS, David C.   Born 4-13-1813 Died 4-5- 1891 
ROBBINS, Julia A.   Born 1860 Died 1922 
ROBBINS, Thankful     Died 7-4-1874 Age 58 
SPENCER, Alvin Spouse of  Lydia   Died 5-22-1872 Age 75y 9m 21d 
SPENCER, Harriet E. Spouse of  Hosea    Died 5-81889 Age 53y 1m 10d 
SPENCER, Lydia Spouse of  Alvin    Died 8-1-1871 Age 70y 6m 10d 
SPENCER, Mary     Died 1890 
SPENCER, William      Died 4-12-1876 Age 55y 2m 19d 
STONE, Irene A.  Spouse of  Harley J.       Dau. of David S. & Fannie Tay Briggs
STONE, Marion L.     Died 3-13-1862 Age 5y 7m 3d Son of Harley J. & Irene A. Stone

*** SPENCER, Harriet E. Spouse of Hosea
Died 5-81889 Age 53y 1m 10d)  was a daughter of Amasa Briggs and he
lived with the Hosea & Harriet (Briggs)  per the 1880 Bingham, Potter,
Pennsylvannia census.  He is probably buried in that cemetery as well.
Amasa's wife was Diana Stone and they lived in Independence, NY per the 1850
Census and later moved to Wisconsin.    updated by: Carol Madsen

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