Great Oil Men Of Bolivar
Submitted By PHGS Member: Frankie Stonemetz

A Great Oil Man Forest Wilson

He was born in Bolivar, July 22, 1885. Ills father was F.J. Wilson and Ni mother was Sadie (Whipple) Whom. tils father was in the Oil Business and Forest spent a lot of time with his father on the lease. They went to work In a one-horse cart. Forest went to school In an old wooden schoolhouse on Glean St. lh 1907, he attended Wesibrook in Glean. At a place (5 miles east of Bolvar) known as "Henry’s Switch", "Withey Town", Forest met Ni wife. Besides being an oh man, Forest joined the Citizens Hose Co., 1903; Macadonia Ledge in 1908; Trustee fer Bolvar Village for 18 years; Director of the State Bank (Citizens National) for 45 years; joined the Methodist Church in 1901; was an organizer of the New York State Oil Producers Association and director of it; Church Trustee; and we owe him much gratitude for securing the copies of the lolivar Breeze so we can read the recorded events of the past.


At age 13, he began pumping oil in Penna. in 1900, he married Emma Jones and they had 3 boys and two girls. He worked in West Virginia for South Penn Oil Co., as a pumper. in 1907, he moved to Kossuth (east of Bolvar), where he drilled and dressed tools until he bought an interest in a string of tools from his brothers, AToort and PauL They drilled the wells on the McDivitt lease for 28 per foot. in his contracting years, Mr. Shiner drilled web from White Hill to Horse Run, Bluddy Corners, Sat Rising and Nile. in his working years, he owned approximately 300 producing wells. Mr. Shiner said he owed his longevity to abstaining from whiskey and tobacco. He said It didn’t agree with him, so he left it alone.

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