Bates Cemetery
Town of Centerville
Eleanor Schwalb transcribed 1933 stone readings by Gertrude A. Barber.
"Bates Cemetery, between Higgins and Centerville, Allegany County, N.Y."

BAKER, Ester spouse of  George   died  1-18-1872 age  71y 10m 
BAKER, George spouse of  Ester   died  7-23-1855 age  55y 5m 
BAKER, Hannah S.       age  8y 5m Dau. of George & Ester Baker
BAKER, Sarah A. spouse of  William D. born  1821 died  1893 
BAKER, William D. spouse of  Sarah A.   died  8-8-1871 age  46y 10m 
BATES, Amos spouse of  Margy   died  3-1-1852 age  67y 
BATES, Cyrus       age  3y Son
BATES, Jr., Amos     died  5-22-1835 age  29y 9m 16d 
BATES, Margy spouse of  Amos   died  10-12-1849 age  65y 10m 
BEAH, Elizabeth Evans spouse of  Giles born  1859 died  1920   Possibly wife #2
BEAH, Flora spouse of  Eben   died  7-24-1874 age  20y 
BEAH, Giles spouse of  Libbie born  4-20-1851 died  3-31-1895 
BEAH, Libbie spouse of  Giles   died  5-11-1879 age  28y 
BEAN, Clarine spouse of  Orison born  1809 died  1892 
BEAN, Electa A.   born  1842 died  1845 
BEAN, Eliza J.   born  1846 died  1860 
BEAN, Henry N.   born  1839 died  1841 
BEAN, John W.     died  11-5-1869 age  55y 6m 
BEAN, Julia M.   born  1848 died  1860 
BEAN, Lorenzo L.   born  1833 died  1841 
BEAN, Luther     died  1-11-1865 age  55y 2m 3d 
BEAN, Mariah C.   born  1838 died  1841 
BEAN, Milton     died  7-14-1847 age  6y 5m 15d Son of Luther & Caroline Bean
BEAN, Orison spouse of  Clarine born  1807 died  1892 
BEAN, Rachel   born  1853 died  1860 
BLANCHARD, Cynthia spouse of  Mark   died  2-25-1835 age  40y 11m 25d 
BROWN, William     died  9-26-1832 age  2y Son of Lewis & Betsy Brown
BRUESER, Augustus   born  1864 died  1895 
BRUESER, Caroline   born  1842 died  1899 
CLARK, Cynthia A. spouse of  Hiram   died  12-9-1872 age  31y 8m Possibly Wife #2
CLARK, Hiram spouse of  Mary J. born  1845 died  1905   G. A. R.
CLARK, Mary J. spouse of  Hiram       No Dates
CLOCK, Eunice spouse of  Lyman born  3-6-1825 died  6-10-1885 
CLOCK, Hannah     died  9-12-1842 age  1y 6m 
CLOCK, Hannah   born  1-27-1841 died  9-12-1842 
CLOCK, Lyman spouse of  Eunice born  1816 died  1898 
CLOCK, Mary E.     died  9-1-1852 age  3y 
CLOCK, Mary M.   born  10-4-1849 died  9-1-1851 
CROSS, Mary Ruth   born  1842 died  1847   Dau. of Abram & Marian Cross
CROSS, Wilber   born  10-27-1851 died  10-27-1851 
CROSS, William   born  10-27-1851 died  10-27-1851 
CROWELL, Lucy spouse of  Samuel   died  8-22-1856 age  38y 4m 
CROWELL, Samuel     died  10-17-1834 age  26y 
CUDWORTH,  Lucy     died  4-11-1839 age  44y 
CUDWORTH, David     died  10-1-1832 age  1y 7m 15d 
CUDWORTH, David     died  3-31-1850 age  28y 11m 
CUDWORTH, James     died  1865 
CUDWORTH, Jennette A.   born  1819 died  1880 
CUDWORTH, John W.   born  1811 died  1887 
CUDWORTH, Joseph     died  6-22-1851 age  69y 
CUDWORTH, Joseph  D.    born  1849 died  1891 
CUDWORTH, Lewis     died  8-5-1863 age  37y 6m 
CUDWORTH, Orpelia     died  9-12-1847 age  2y 2m 
CUDWORTH, Ruth     died  2-24-1845 age  1y 9m 
CUDWORTH, Ruth     died  6-18-1874 age  85y 
DEHANEY, John         No Dates
DOW, Kate spouse of  V. M. Dow born  1872 died  1903 
EVANS, Jenkin spouse of  Winnifred born  1830 died  1912 
EVANS, Winnifred spouse of  Jenkin born  1825 died  1911 
FLANEGON, Margaret   born  1840 died  1919 
FLANIGAN, Francis L. spouse of  James W. born  12-14-1848 died  4-21-1895 
FLANIGAN, James W. spouse of  Francis L. born  10-29-1820 died  4-20-1892 
FLANIGAN, Lydia Perkins spouse of  Samuel born  1802 died  1884 
FLANIGAN, Samuel spouse of  Lydia Perkins born  1798 died  1878 
FLENAGIN,  H. Knight         No Dates
FLENAGIN, Eliza J.   born  10-28-1844 died  12-24-1914 
FLENAGIN, Hilam   born  1841 died  1842 
FLENAGIN, Honeyman S.   born  3-29-1846 died  4-25-1912 
FLENAGIN, Ichabod P.         No Dates
FLENAGIN, M. James         No Dates
FLENAGIN, Mary A.   born  3-28-1839 died  2-2-1876 
FLENAGIN, Nelson H.         No Dates
GIBBS, Emeline Lyon spouse of  William   died  6-10-1875 age  55y 
GILLIE, Hugh spouse of  Sarah born  3-26-1796 died  7-18-1883 
GILLIE, Sarah spouse of  Hugh born  8-21-1800 died  9-17-1876 
HACKETT, Caroline   born  1849 died  1930 
HACKETT, Leonard O.   born  1846 died  19??   G. A. R.
HALL, Daniel   born  1840 died  1919 
HALL, Jennie   born  1867 died  19?? 
HAMER, Sarah J. spouse of  J. D. Hamer   died  1-1-1881 age  33y 1m 28d 
HATCH, Cyrus spouse of  Phebe   died  6-25-1857 age  56y 
HATCH, Edward C .     died  9-24-1828 age  1m 2d Son of Cyrus & Phebe Hatch
HATCH, Ellen     died  2-27-1841 age  3y 3m Dau. of Charles & L. Hatch
HATCH, Ida M.     died  12-9-1864 age  1y 4m Dau. of Cyrus & Effie Hatch
HATCH, Julia A. spouse of  A. C. Hatch born  8-14-1860 died  7-31-1897 
HATCH, Orlando     died  8-6-1832 age  1y 2m 28d Son of Cyrus & Phebe Hatch
HATCH, Phebe spouse of  Cyrus   died  9-25-1857 age  52y 
HATCH, Vandica spouse of  Herman   died  9-17-1839 age  64y 
HEWITT, Amos Custefer M.       age  26y 13m 
HEWITT, Cren         No Dates
HIGGINS, Cordelia   born  11-8-1826 died  5-18-1883 
HIGGINS, Ellen J.   born  1828 died  1904 
HIGGINS, Emily A.   born  1839 died  1924 
HIGGINS, George   born  3-14-1828 died  5-2-1835 
HIGGINS, Laura   born  1803 died  1880 
HIGGINS, Lucus E.   born  1826 died  1896 
HIGGINS, Lucy   born  2-17-1851 died  8-2-1920 
HIGGINS, Russel   born  1791 died  1863 
HOOKER, Andrew spouse of  Martha born  1817 died  1900 
HOOKER, Martha spouse of  Andrew born  1833 died  1909 
HOPKINS, Bird W.   born  1850 died  1915 
HOPKINS, Elisha     died  6-4-1856 age  56y 
HOPKINS, Flora P.   born  1858 died  1929 
HOTCHKISS, Frank   born  1853 died  1919 
HOTCHKISS, Myra spouse of  Orville born  1856 died  1926 
HOTCHKISS, Orville spouse of  Myra born  1857 died  1931 
IRISH, Wesley S.   born  1907 died  1923 
KELDAY, Robert T.         No Dates
KELLER, Earnest     died  10-9-1875 age  2y 1m 7d Son of Engelhart Keller
KREBS, Benjamin spouse of  Mary born  1841 died  1923 
KREBS, Gertie  M.     died  12-2-1892 age  8y 4m 12d 
KREBS, Mary spouse of  Benjamin born  1855 died  1926 
LYON, Charles F.     died  7-21-1855 age  16y Son of James & Jerusha Lyon
LYON, James spouse of  Jerusha   died  3-26-1837 age  75y 1m 4d 
LYON, Jerusha spouse of  James   died  4-10-1838 age  73y 11m 12d 
LYON, Joel spouse of  Sarah   died  12-15-1828 age  37y 
LYON, Jonathan spouse of  Susan   died  9-11-1842 age  45y 
LYON, Margaret F. spouse of  Jonathan   died  12-25-1862 age  55y Possibly wife #2
LYON, Sarah spouse of  Joel   died  4-8-1882 age  87y 
LYON, Susan spouse of  Jonathan   died  7-11-1834 age  32y 
MERKINE, Anna     died  12-20-1849 age  79y 
MERKINE, Ichabod     died  3-7-1845 age  71y 
MILLER, Mary A. spouse of  Nathan born  1861 died  1917 
MILLER, Nathan spouse of  Mary A. born  1855 died  U/K 
MILLS, Albert A. spouse of  Rachael Cudworth born  2-19-1842 died  5-20-1884 
MILLS, Rachael Cudworth spouse of  Albert A. born  11-28-1841 died  4-12-1887 
MOORE, Eri G.       age  20y Son of Samuel & Julia Moore
MOORE, Florella     died  4-30-1845 age  15y 3m 9d Dau. of Hiram & Mary Moore
MOORE, Hiram     died  3-13-1873 age  63y 
MOORE, Julia spouse of  Samuel   died  1-26-1885 age  64y 
MOORE, Martha     died  12-10-1867 age  23y Dau. of Samuel & Julia Moore
MOORE, Rosetta   born  1858 died  1899 
MOORE, Samuel spouse of  Julia   died  5-7-1879 age  60y 9m 
MOORE, Susanna       age  1y 2m Dau. of Samuel & Julia Moore
MORRIS, Christmas     died  1894 age  3m 
MORRIS, Ellen spouse of  John born  1819 died  1908 
MORRIS, Ellen C. spouse of  Richard born  1865 died  U/K 
MORRIS, Infant     died  1896 
MORRIS, John spouse of  Ellen   died  12-16-1905 age  82y 
MORRIS, Richard spouse of  Ellen C. born  1854 died  U/K 
MYERS, Elizabeth spouse of  W. Harlow born  1842 died  U/K 
MYERS, W. Harlow spouse of  Elizabeth born  1832 died  1901 
NYE, Maranda   born  5-4-1833 died  12-19-1915 
NYE, Mary spouse of  Samuel born  2-11-1815 died  1-19-188? 
NYE, Samuel spouse of  Mary born  3-3-1803 died  11-16-1866 
PITTS, Dona         No Dates
PITTS, Lodell         No Dates
PITTS, Renne S.     died  11-18-1893 age  15y 
PRATT, Lusina H.   born  3-25-1835 died  1-24-1919 
SARTOR, Augustus spouse of  Margaret born  1840 died  1884 
SARTOR, Margaret spouse of  Augustus       No Dates
SARTOS, Fred Dunkee   born  1872 died  1922 
SAWYER, D. Earl   born  1-20-1862 died  11-22-1918 
SAWYER, Grace L. spouse of  John  S.   died  1910 age  76y 
SAWYER, John S. spouse of  Grace L.   died  1891 age  63y 
SAWYER, Warren   born  1884 died  1905 
SHEPARD, Mary spouse of  Henry   died  6-13-1844 age  66y 
SINK, Edith M.   born  1874 died  1926 
SPRAGUE, Miranda A.   born  8-3-1855 died  7-4-1919   Dau. of Isaac & Mary Barry Sprague
STICKEL, Betsy M.   born  1840 died  1841 
STICKEL, Chilon spouse of  Mabel born  1801 died  1899 
STICKEL, E. Sumner   born  1881 died  1902 
STICKEL, Erwin   born  1851 died  1896 
STICKEL, Jason K.    born  1833 died  1841 
STICKEL, Leland   born  1846 died  1846 
STICKEL, Mabel spouse of  Chilon born  1808 died  1894 
STICKLE, Caroline     died  6-3-1844 age  15y 
STICKLE, Chilon J.   born  1871 died  U/K 
STICKLE, Ellen W.   born  1870 died  1905 
STICKLE, Judson   born  1844 died  1929   G. A. R .
STICKLE, Kate A. Evans spouse of  Morris born  1862 died  1917 
STICKLE, Loretta B .   born  1842 died  1909 
STICKLE, Lucy G.   born  1891 died  U/K 
STICKLE, Mary J. Lyon   born  1825 died  1891 
STICKLE, Melinda Lyon   born  1821 died  1854 
STICKLE, Morris spouse of  Susan   died  5-18-1851 age  57y 
STICKLE, Myron   born  1825 died  1903   Son of Morris
STICKLE, Rachel     died  7-22-1844 age  22y 
STICKLE, Susan spouse of  Morris   died  5-14-1847 age  47y 
STONE, Hannah P. spouse of  H. B. Stone   died  4-15-1863 age  69y 7m 
THOMAS, B.   born  1884 died  1932 
VANBUSKIRK, Margaret   born  1904 died  1910 
VEAZY, Harmon spouse of  Mary L.   died  1891 age  41y 
VEAZY, Mary L.  spouse of  Harmon   died  1920 age  71y 
VOORHEES, Baby     died  10-19-1875 
VOORHEES, Tillie     died  10-29-1874   Son of J. B. & S. R. Voorhess
WALFER, Mamie E.   born  1902 died  1924 
WEAVER, Cynthia     died  12-30-1825 age  15m 8d 
WEAVER, Helen M. spouse of  John M. born  9-8-1830 died  12-12-1893 
WEAVER, Hulda E. Stickles spouse of  James H. born  1842 died  1924 
WEAVER, James H.     died  11-7-1866 age  32y 1m 9d 
WEAVER, John M. spouse of  Helen M. born  8-16-1828 died  8-14-1890 
WEAVER, Jonathan   born  9-2-1847 died  U/K 
WEAVER, Mayplyt spouse of  W. M. Weaver       No Dates
WEAVER, Orin T.   born  9-10-1862 died  3-31-1888 
WEAVER, Peter spouse of  Sarah born  1785 died  1852 
WEAVER, Roseline   born  1829 died  1856 
WEAVER, Sarah spouse of  Peter born  1803 died  1888 
WEAVER, W. M. spouse of  Mayplyt   died  12-16-1887 age  87y 
WEAVER, William H.   born  10-7-1871 died  4-17-1897 
WHITFORD, John C.   born  1854 died  1911 
WIGHT, Benjamin   born  1815 died  1891 
WIGHT, Daniel     died  11-27-1841 age  57y 
WIGHT, David     died  Born 1841 7-20-1864 age  23y 6m G. A. R.
WIGHT, Edwin     died  10-17-1863 age  19y 4m  G. A. R.
WIGHT, Elmio     died  5-10-1857 
WIGHT, Francis     died  6-1-1851 age  1y 
WIGHT, Jerusha   born  1815 died  1899 
WIGHT, Levi spouse of  Sarah   died  1-2-1831 age  69y 11m 
WIGHT, Mary spouse of  Dewight   died  3-7-1828 age  42y 
WIGHT, Mary J.     died  1-19-1882 age  26y 9m 
WIGHT, Mary Weaver   born  1828 died  1906 
WIGHT, Nancy     died  7-26-1842 age  28y 
WIGHT, Roy M.         No Dates
WIGHT, Sarah spouse of  Levi   died  4-15-1852 age  77y 
WIGHT, William     died  3-31-1824 age  41y 
WILLIS, Katharine Evans   born  1863 died  1911 

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