Early Birth Records Allegany Co., NY

Due to the size of this record, it has been divided into several pages, listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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First Name
Place of Birth
Mothers First
Place of Birth
Fathers First Name
Place of Birth
29 Nov 1882ObrienBabyFBolivar, Ny Maria GraceO'brien25Hinsdale, Ny (Alleg)William O'brien25Houlton, Maine
14 May 1884 O'connerBabyFBolivar, NySarah GMcbride 25Mercer Co, PaDennisO'conner38Ireland
05 Apr 1922OconnorJames MartinMGenesee, Ny MaryWelch38Eldred PaMartinOconnor 56Cranesville Pa
12 Jan 1919Oesteich Earl L.MBolivar, NyEdnaHanchett23 NyAugustusOestreich26Ny
29 Mar 1921OesteichHortense L.FBolivar, Ny Edna MayHanchett25Bolivar, NyAugustus L. Oestreich28Wellsville, Ny
24 Feb 1915 OharaHelena MartinaFWilling, NyElla Dwyer37Genesee PaJamesOhara46 Willing, Ny
29 Apr 1917OharaLucilleF Willing, NyEllaDwyer39Genesee Pa JamesOhara49Willing, Ny
24 Jul 1911 OharaMargaretFWilling, NyEllaDwyer 32Potter Co PaJamesOhara41Willing, Ny
17 Aug 1914OlmsteadAlice MaeFBolivar, Ny NinaTaylor22NyRalphOlmstead 22Pa
14 Aug 1909OlmsteadArleine FBolivar, NyMaryKimball21Ny FrankOlmstead23Pa
3 Jun 1920 OlmsteadElenor MaudeFBolivar, NyFlora Bell20Oswayo, PaFloyd EzraOlmstead 26Eldred, Pa
2 Jan 1920OlmsteadElwin Ray MBolivar, NyZellaSmith26Pa NathanielOlmstead31Pa
21 Sep 1916 OlmsteadEster M.FBolivar, NyFlora Harris17Oswayo, PaFloyd E.Olmstead23 Eldred, Pa
8 Jan 1835OlmsteadFloyd Jr. MBolivar, NyFloraHarris35Oswayo, Pa Floyd E.Olmstead41Eldred Pa
8 Aug 1916 OlmsteadPauline B.FBolivar, NyNina Taylor24NyRalphOlmstead24Pa
20 Jul 1896OsburnGeorge DavieMBolivar, Ny Minnie ADavie26Bolivar, NyGeorge H Osburn31Wellsville,Ny
13 Feb 1949Osgood Althea JeanFBolivar, NyMargaret MBurch 29Friendship, NyWilliam OOsgood40 Richburg, Ny
11 Jun 1907OsgoodBabyM Bolivar, NyMinaWhitmore18Wysco? Ny FrankOsgood29Ny
02 Apr 1918Osterstuck James DavidMGenesee, NyFrances LouiseCoover 30Clarksville NyWallaceOsterstuck36 Genesee, Ny
02 Apr 1918OsterstuckJames David MGenesee, NyFrancis Lou?Coover?30 Clarksville, NyWallaceOsterstuck36Genesee, Ny
4 Dec 1916OstrichLewis E.MBolivar, Ny EdnaHauchett21NyAugustusOstrich 23Ny
26 Aug 1898OwensMale MWhongo NyLibbieRyan31NyWilliam Owens31.

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