Early Birth Records Allegany Co., NY

Due to the size of this record, it has been divided into several pages, listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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First Name
Place of Birth
Mothers First
Place of Birth
Fathers First Name
Place of Birth
08 Apr 1917NaplesPasqual Marchilene4Genesee, Ny Phil?Mongonal34Quandial ItalyJames Naples38Quandral Italy
3 May 1884Neal BabyFBolivar, NySerenaGoodrich30 Independence, NyA.M.Neal37Independence, Ny
7 Oct 1917NealBabyMBolivar, Ny LulaKeech19PaLowellNeal 25Pa
31 May 1898NealHoward Delette MShongo, NyJaneJennison24Shongo, Ny Charles C.Neal32Hector Pa
31 May 1919 NealRobert PershingMBolivar, NyLula Keet20PaLouellNeal26Pa
27 Jun 1923NeelyFloyd FosterMBolivar, Ny Hulda EmilyFoster21Bolivar, NyFloyd Oliver Neely27Emlenton Pa
22 Aug 1916Neely Lucial E.FBolivar, NySophia MKnepfler ? 23NyNiclis F.?Neely24Pa
2 Mar 1920NeelyThelma MarionFBolivar, Ny SophiaKnepfler29NyWillisNeely 27Pa
27 Dec 1918NelsonWilliam MWilling, NyJosepheneEricson43Sweden August G.Nelson50Sweden
5 Apr 1921 NeugentJohn B. Jr.MBolivar, NyRose E. Nunn26Genesee, NyJohn B.Neugent29 Friendship Ny
1 Feb 1914NewtonAlice Louise FBolivar, NyLula AnnaSmith37Petroleum Ctr Pa Thad E.Newton40Ny
17 Sep 1902 NewtonBabyMBolivar, NyCora M.Greene 28West VaBurr O.Newton48Bolivar, Ny
22 Sep 1903NewtonDarius A.MBolivar, Ny Lula A.Smith27Petroleum Ctr PaThad E. Newton31Bolivar, Ny
31 Jan 1921Newton Glenn AlbertMBolivar, NyVivian AliceAppleby 17Bolivar, NyWallace OmarNewton20 Bolivar, Ny
7 Jul 1912NewtonHarold Leroy MBolivar, NyLula AnnaSmith35Pa ThadNewton39Ny
10 Sep 1923Newton Howard EugeneMBolivar, NyEthelJordan 22Friendship NyMaxNewton34Pa
18 Sep 1904NewtonLowell CarlMBolivar, Ny Lula A.Smith27Petroleum Ctr PaThad E. Newton32Bolivar, Ny
7 Oct 1910Newton Marion EdnaFBolivar, NyLula AnnaSmith 33Petroleum Ctr PaThad E.Newton38 Ny
22 Jul 1900NewtonWallace OmerM Bolivar, NyLula A.Smith23Petroleum Ctr Pa Thad E.Newton28Bolivar, Ny
13 May 1922 NicholsClair OrsonMGenesee, NyIsabelle Childs27Genesee, NyEarlNicholis32 Hinsdale Ny
11 Feb 1917NicholsJames Lyman MGenesee, NyIsabelChilds21Ny EarlNichols27Ny
4 Mar 1899 NicholsWilliam G.MBolivar, NyJanice B. Rosebush35NyW.L.Nichols38Pa
Dec 1891NicholsonMargaretFBolivar, Ny Minnie EMccray30Crawford Co, PaAlexander W Nicholson34Canada
04 Oct 1897Nickoson Arlene OdeleFGenesee, NyMary OdeleAlmy 42Richburg NyEdgar L.Nickoson46Avoca ?
09 Oct 1917NoblesLloyd ArchieMWilling, Ny GladisSwarts25West Union NyArchie Nobles26Stannards, Ny
26 Aug 1915Nobles Merville OttoMHallsport NyGladisSwarts 24NyArchNobles24Ny
3 May 1883NolanAnnaFBolivar, NyLizzie Priest.Olean, NyWilliam JNolan25 Campbelltown, Ny
09 May 1897NolanBertha Ann FGenesee, NyMaryBesse26Annin Creek Pa Thomas J.Nolan30Avon Ny
16 Mar 1891 NortonBernie SeymoreMShongo, NyMary Amelia Loomis38Scio NyLafayette W.Norton 41Andover Ny
25 Dec 1895NortonHazel Esther FBolivar, Ny..... ...
24 May 1908NortonMarjorie Dawn .Genesee, Ny.??26Usa??? Norton30Usa
19 May 1910Norton?? Lucille OnoleeFGenesee, NyTubs?Myrtle 40NyClaytin?Norton?.Us
26 Apr 1884NulanceBabyMBolivar, Ny Catherine EConners31IrelandMichael J Nulance31Hume, Ny
18 Feb 1900Nunn Blanch N.FGenesee, NyJane S.Hawkes 43EnglandHarryNunn43England
30 Dec 1895NunnGertrude E.FGenesee, Ny Jane S.Hawkes39EnglandHarryNunn 39England
08 Jul 1897NunnWalter H. MGenesee, NyJane S.Hawkes41England HarryNunn41England
10 Oct 1904 NyeLaura AnonaFBolivar, NyMaryWixson 18Cortland NyEarlNye21Belmont Ny

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