Early Birth Records Allegany Co., NY

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First Name
Place of Birth
Mothers First
Place of Birth
Fathers First Name
Place of Birth
7 Sep 1899LafanVincent JohnMBolivar, Ny MaryCarnes39CanadaRobert M.Lafan 43New York Ny
29 Jun 1909Lafferty FemaleFWilling, NyRosaRice32 IndianaJohn P.Lafferty39Ohio
17 Jul 1910LaforgeLawrenceMWilling, Ny Sarah E.Stephens40Canesteo NyStephen M. Laforge41Ulster Co Ny
29 Sep 1921Lamb Carmeleter MarieFGenesee, NyCarrieHoffman 29Perkinsville NyTrumanLamb30Portville Ny
12 Nov 1918LambJosephine MarionF Genesee, NyHelenSwetland24So DakotaSilas D. Lamb26Ny
14 Aug 1883Lamb MaudeFBolivar, NyOrphaStrud25 OhioJohnLamb36Scotland
17 Dec 1922 LambReuben ChesterMGenesee, NyElizabeth Vandermark20Ceres PaLymanLamb26 Portville Ny
20 Apr 1921LambRuthF Genesee, NyHelel M.Swetland26So Dakota Silas D.Lamb28Portville Ny
24 Jan 1906 LampeClarence H.MWilling, NyLena Goodrich28NyGeorgeLampe37Ny
21 Jan 1907LampeHaxelFShongo, Ny LanaGoodrich29Shongo, NyGeorgeLampe 41Willing, Ny
04 Jan 1903LampeMinnie FWilling, NyLenaGoodrich24Willing, Ny GeorgeLampe33Shongo, Ny
18 May 1883 LancyLeon CarleMBolivar, NyMary Elizabeth Lynch25Syracuse, NyThomas GeorgeLancy 33England
04 May 1899LangworhtyBaby FGenesee, NyStellaVoorhees20N.S. HermanLangworhty22N.S.
18 Sep 1914 LangworthyJames OrinMBolivar, NyFannie Wakeman29UsOrinLangworthy25 Us
10 Sep 1900LanphereDorothy Iola FGenesee, NyFannieGreen32Allegany Co. Ny Menzo C.Lanphere30Mckean Co Pa
28 Sep 1894 LathamCarl HenryMBolivar, NyLizzie Wiler?27Jersey City, NyO NLatham39 Ny
12 Jul 1892LathamJosephM Bolivar, NyElizabethWiller24Jersey City, Ny Ira NLatham36Porter, Ny
28 Feb 1902 LattanMaleMStannards, NyElsieChalker 28Willing, NyBenjaminLatten36Chemung Co Ny
02 Jun 1912LattenDoris AdolphaF. ElsieChalker38NyBenjaminLatten 46Ny
01 Aug 1914LattenMildred FWilling, NyElsieChalker40Willing, Ny BenjaminLatten43Chemoung Co Ny
16 Dec 1916 LattenRalphe E.MWilling, NyElsie Chalker42Willing, NyBenjaminLatten50 Ny
05 Aug 1918LattenThelma EdithF Wellsville, NyAnnaWitter21Willing, Ny ElmerLatten24Willing, Ny
5 Aug 1883 LeahyBabyFBolivar, NyMinnieGribben 27CanadaWilliamLeahy35Ireland
28 Apr 1914LebarKathryn EvelynFBolivar, Ny AliceWhitney41PaWillis S.Lebar 41Ny
05 Jul 1912LeeClaribel Beatrice F.CoraHughs37Independence Ny CharlesLee45Andover Ny
19 Mar 1896 LefanMarcella MarieFBolivar, NyMary A Curran35Caneadea, NyRobert MLafan 39Nyc
26 Dec 1890LeiterCharles Wentzel MBolivar, NyAnnaWentzel26Pa GeorgeLeiter26Pa
28 Dec 1904 LenardBabyMBolivar, NyHuldie. 33NyNormanLenard49Ny
07 Jan 1896LeoaringMaleMYorks Corners, Ny AdaYork17Fayette Co, IllMiltonLeoaring 21Willing, Ny
7 Dec 1849LesuerAsa Willis MBolivar, NyEliza...Levi Lesuer..
9 Jun 1900Lesuer BabyMBolivar, NyMilo? O.Tompkins20 Augusta GaFrank A.Lesuer22Bolivar, Ny
6 Oct 1901LesuerBabyFBolivar, Ny Milly O.Tompkins21Augusta GaFrank A. Lesuer23Bolivar, Ny
18 Mar 1847Lesuer Betsey ElosiaFBolivar, NyEliza.. .LeviLesuer..
18 Jul 1903 LesuerClara ElizabethFBolivar, NyMily Tompkins22Augusta GaFrankLesuer25 Bolivar, Ny
1 Aug 1847LesuerEugene Curtis MBolivar, NySusan...Orrin C Lesuer..
28 Nov 1889Levine PhillipMBolivar, Ny.... ....
02 Jun 1904Lewis BabyMGenesee, NyElizabeth M.Burdick 24Genesee, NyClayton L.Lewis27Bolivar, Ny
19 Mar 1897LewisClara GertrudeFGenesee, Ny Huldah E.Buten21Genesee, NyClarence Lewis34Genesee, Ny
24 Jul 1904Lewis FlorenceFHallsport NyElizabethFanton 18West Almond NyJames L.Lewis28Woodhull Ny
30 Mar 1907LewisGerald ElsworthM Genesee, NyH. EstellButon37New York Ny Clarence L.E.Lewis44New York, Ny
08 Dec 1908 LewisLester JamesMWilling, NyElizabeth Fanton22West Almond NyJames C.Leiws 32Troupsburg Ny
16 Jun 1908LewisRichard MWilling, NyVadaBierman23Willing, Ny FloydLewis30Independence Ny
03 Nov 1904 LewisRuth EvangelineFGenesee, NyEstella H. Buten34NyClarence L.Lewis42 Ny
16 May 1915LewisVirginia Sarah FWilling, NyVada BerthaBierman32Willing, Ny Floyd M.Lewis36Independence Ny
23 Oct 1914 LockwoodArchie DarrellMBolivar, NyBessie Bernis28NyArthur W.Lockwood31 Ny
30 Jan 1912LockwoodBerniceF Bolivar, NyBessieBemis25Honeoye Pa ArthurLockwood29Cuba Ny
29 May 1921 LockwoodCharlotte MayFGenesee, NyRuth May Raymond22Canadea Ny/FrancisLockwood 25Cuba Ny
1 Apr 1897LockwoodEdward Clarence MBolivar, NyEva P.Coalhizer19Shango Co Ny Charles R.Lockwood23Cattargus Co Ny
13 Mar 1916LockwoodJackMBolivar, NyBessie H. Bernis29NyArthur M.Lockwood32 Ny
21 May 1922LockwoodJune Elizabeth FGenesee, NyBessieBemis35Ny ArthurLockwood39Ny
21 Dec 1917 LockwoodRayMGenesee, NyBessieBemus? 31NyArthur M.LockwoodNNy
19 Feb 1920LockwoodVirginia MaryaretteF Genesee, NyBessBemis33NyArthur Lockwood38Ny
03 Mar 1921Loofboro Jean ElizabethFGenesee, NyMaryStjohn 38NyEli F.Loofboro50Iowa
09 Aug 1917LoofboroJohn D.MGenesee, Ny Mary EllisStjohn34NyEli F.Loofboro 46Iowa
16 Feb 1916LoofboroMargerete FGenesee, NyMaryStjohn33Newsford State Eli F.Loofboro45Iowa
23 Feb 1919 LoopBetty V.FBolivar, NyLoisBurdick 25Buffalo, NyHarlieLoop28Bolivar, Ny
13 Aug 1914LoopRoderick BurdickM Bolivar, NyLois MargaretBurdick21NyHarley J. Loop23Ny
14 Jul 1907Lord BabyMBolivar, NyMinnie?Day29 Bolivar, NyEdsonLord35Ny
9 Apr 1906 LordBabyFBolivar, NyMinnieDay 28Bolivar, NyEdsonLord33Wirt Ny
30 Jun 1903LordBabyMBolivar, Ny MinnieDay26Bolivar, NyEdsonLord 32Bolivar, Ny
15 Sep 1909LordBaby MBolivar, NyBessieSpencer19Pa DariusLord22Ny
8 Sep 1911 LordDaniel EdsonMBolivar, NyMinnie Lucy Day33NyEdsonLord39Ny
8 Sep 1914LordJoseph RonaldMBolivar, Ny Minnie L.Day36NyEdsonLord 42Ny
29 Jan 1901LordLeonard James .Bolivar, Ny..... ...
7 Aug 1913LordPaul Nelson MBolivar, NyMinnieDay36Ny EdsonLord41Ny
29 Sep 1908Lord Rosalaid MarieFBolivar, NyMinnie E.Day 30NyEdsonLord36Ny
24 Feb 1905LordTryphemiaFBolivar, Ny TryfemiaDay27Bolivar, NyEdwonLord 33Ny
07 Nov 1920Loroe?Glen Clyde MGenesee, NyEthelReynolds21Olean Ny Archie H.Loroe?24Genesee, Ny
22 Jan 1912 LoucksT. Nina Bell?FGenesee, NySada Bell Mascho16NyArchieLoucks21 Pa
15 Sep 1891Louis (LewisWilliamM Bolivar, NyEdithCartwright25Belmont, Ny FredLouis29Belmont, Ny
15 Jun 1922 LounsberryHobert KeithMBolivar, NyMargaret R. Crocker39Nunda NyGrover A.Lounsberry 35Belfast Ny
10 Apr 1913Love?Erma FBolivar, NyEva A..35Warsaw Ny Alonzo V.Love?36Roulette Pa
02 Jun 1896 LoweArchie HerbertMGenesee, NyAurilla Hatch35Genesee, NyWilliam LeviLowe 53Barker Ny
07 May 18??LuddenElmer Lawrence MWilling, NyAlicePerry32Ny PatrickLudden37Ohio
23 May 1901 LuddenLeo V.MWilling, NyAlicePerry 38Independence NyPatrickLudden44 Cincinnati Ohio
07 May 1896LuddenMale MWilling, Ny.Perry38Willing, Ny PatrickLudden40.
21 Aug 1909 LundregenEvelyn RuthFBolivar, NyMary Sloat23PaMaxLundregen28 Ny
26 Mar 1922LunnClaude Jr.M Bolivar, NyMinnieMaxson21PaClaude Lunn23Ny
28 Nov 1901Lupole Baby.Bolivar, NyJennieJohnson35 PaThomasLupole42Pa
19 Dec 1900 LupoleThomasMBolivar, NyJennieJohnson 37Bolivar, NyThomasLupole49Pa

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