Early Birth Records Allegany Co., NY

Due to the size of this record, it has been divided into several pages, listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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First Name
Place of Birth
Mothers First
Place of Birth
Fathers First Name
Place of Birth
26 Jun 1897IngallsBabyMBolivar, Ny BerthaRichardson23Bolivar, NyBenjamin F. Ingalls25Wisc
14 Aug 1901Ingalls BabyFBolivar, NyBertha A.Richardson 27Bolivar, NyBenjamin P.Ingalls29Wisc
15 Feb 1910IngallsBabyMBolivar, Ny Bertha...BenjaminIngalls .Bolivar, Ny
9 Jan 1917IngallsBeatrice I. FBolivar, NyMaryPrice21Pa Melvin A.Ingalls24Ny
2 Jun 1915 IngallsDawn V.FBolivar, NyGladys E.Lebar 18PaEugeneIngalls20Ny
29 Sep 1894IngallsEugene JayMBolivar, Ny BerthaRichardson19Bolivar, NyBenjamin Ingalls24Michigan
9 Oct 1920Ingalls Ivan RoyMBolivar, NyMary RuthPrice 25Eldred, PaMelvin A.Ingalls27Bolivar, Ny
19 Sep 1908IngallsLydia LucettaF Bolivar, NyBerthaRichardson34NyN/G Ingalls38???
8 Nov 1892Ingalls MelvinMBolivar, NyBerthaRichardson 18Bolivar,NyF.F.Ingalls22Wisconsin
15 Jun 1913IngallsRuth Imogen?FBolivar, Ny Clara MabelWhithy21NyOrinIngalls 24Ny
25 Apr 1899IngallsVirgl F. MBolivar, NyBertha A.Richardson24 Bolivar, NyBenjamin P.Ingalls.Conson
11 Dec 1921InghamViloa ElizabethFGenesee, Ny JessieRoupp35Liberty PaCharles H. Ingham32Unionsville Ny
20 Jan 1923Irvin Stewart BuffingtonMBolivar, NyLetaHulbert 24Bolivar, NyWillis S.Irvin23Rochester Ny
7 Jul 1883IrvineFloyd TexasMBolivar, Ny Maud BRensel20Jefferson Co, PaBenjamin William Irvine26Clarion Co, Pa
13 Apr 1896 IrwinMildredFBolivar, NyLydiaSmith 37NyW BIrwin63Pa

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