Early Birth Records Allegany Co., NY

Due to the size of this record, it has been divided into several pages, listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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First Name
Place of Birth
Mothers First
Place of Birth
Fathers First Name
Place of Birth
30 Oct 1901DaggettGeorge HaroldMBolivar, Ny Agngie M.Peet35Willing, NyRoswell N. Daggett41Genesee, Ny
21 Apr 1895Daly Clarence W.MShongo, NySarah M.  25Canada EngJarvesDaly27England
3 Feb 1907DalyMary BernadineFBolivar, Ny Annie?Moore45Manchester NyDaniel P. Daly53Belleduce, Canada
10 Aug 1899Dana AugustaFGenesee, NyElsieHerring28 UsaJudsonDana34Usa
10 Apr 1848 DanielsDarius AMBolivar, NySarah    LuciousDanniels   
20 Jan 1920DannheimRuth M. FBolivar, NyIreneHartman22Ny Fred E.Dunnheim30Pa
27 Mar 1884 DaughertyBabyFBolivar, NyEllenKane 36IrelandAnthonyDaugherty48Ireland
22 Sep 1890DavidsonEdna SFBolivar, Ny Sarah 32CanadaG.H.Davidson 37Canada
6 Jul 1905DavieBaby FBolivar, NyMertie M.Gernell?  PaFrank E.Davie40Bolivar, Ny
22 Jun 1901DavieBabyMBolivar, NyJessie May Lewis31NyWilliam C.Davie45 Ny
23 Mar 1897DavieBabyFBolivar, Ny Myra A.Tubbs30Annin Creek PaAbijah Davie36Bolivar, Ny
14 Oct 1903Davie Clarissa JaniceFBolivar, NyMyrtle M.Dunell? 27Butler Co PaFrank E.Davie39Bolivar, Ny
14 Jan 1894DavieJeiretta JoanFBolivar, Ny Martha CChapel33S. Bolivar, NyW C Davie31Bolivar, Ny
29 Mar 1902Davie Marjorie ElizabethFBolivar, NyMary M.Deonell 26Chicora PaFrank E.Davie37Bolivar, Ny
23 Feb 1882DavieMaudFBolivar, Ny          
25 Apr 1883DavieMildred FBolivar, NyMary EDoane Cayuga, Ny Oley DeforestDavie22Bolivar, Ny
20 Jun 1908 DavisCarles GeorgeMBolivar, NyMary Moorehouse17PaThomasDavis24 Ny
2 Jun 1900DavisDavieMBolivar, Ny Mary M.Durnell24Millstorm PaFrank E. Davis36Bolivar, Ny
24 Jun 1914Davis James HarryMShongo, NyDora MayClark 18NyRobert EarlDavis25Ny
5 Dec 1905DayBabyMBolivar, NyEva Lord27NyFrankDay52Richburg Ny
26 Jun 1907DayBabyMBolivar, Ny EvaLord28NyFrankDay54 Ny
8 Jan 1909DayBabyFBolivar, Ny LydiaSherwood22NyEdwardDay 28Ny
11 Nov 1916DayCliffordM Bolivar, NyLydiaSherwood29NyGeorge E. Day35Ny
23 Apr 1912DayClyde Henry MBolivar, NyLydiaSherwood25Clarksville Ny EdwardDay31Bolivar, Ny
16 Feb 1914 DayFrederick RossewellMBolivar, NyLydia Sherwood27PaEdwardDay34 Ny
19 Dec 1907DayGuy OrlaMBolivar, Ny EdnaJames22PaEdwardDay25 Ny
21 Feb 1922DayPhyllis MaeF Bolivar, NyLydiaSherwood35NyEdward Day41Ny
20 Aug 1892DeanDaniel Martin MBolivar, NyMargret JaneO'conner28 PaDeivit FrankDean26Centerville, Ny
25 Jun 1891DeckmanFrankMBolivar, Ny CummindiusCoates39PaFrankDeckman 25Ohio
31 Mar 1897Deeds ?Baby FGenesee, NyEvaSpencer29Missouri W. Frank ?Deeds30Illinois
12 Nov 1912 DegroffBabyMGenesee, NyGertrudeMillard 27NsAndrew H.Degroff33Ns
12 May 1917DegroffJames ArthurMGenesee, Ny Gertrude MayMillard32Genesee, NyAndrew Harrison Degroff38Genesee, Ny
19 Oct 1898Dempsey BabyFBolivar, NyLillian E.Dodson 29Wirt NyDennis D.Dempsey29Broome Co Ny
3 Jan 1899DempseyBabyMBolivar, Ny Ida M.Hamilton27Augtin PaDaneil S. Dempsey36Corry Pa
23 Feb1891Dempsey Baby TwinsFBolivar, NyMaggieMurphy 27Cory, PaJ.R.Dempsey33Brown Co, Njy
26 Apr 1922DempseyDaniel StanleyM Bolivar, NyAgnesLanden26Geneseo NyJoseph Dempsey24Bolivar, Ny
6 Jun 1897Dempsey Joseph SilasMBolivar, NyIda M.Hamilton 25Austin PaDaniel S.Dempsey34Corry Pa
23 Oct 1892DempseyKatherine MarieF Bolivar, NyMargaret AnnMurphy25Cory, Pa John A (Safarus)Dempsey34Binghamton, Ny
20 Apr 1895DempseySanty?MBolivar, Ny Ida MHamilton23East Branch, PaDaniel S Dempsey31Correy, Pa
21 Oct 1898Depew FlorenceFStannards, NyAdeliaMarsh 24Alle Co NyWilliam PerryDepew24Michigan
08 Mar 1915DepewHarriet O.FGenesee, Ny DonnaJaques27UsCliffordDepew 26Us
28 Mar 1921DepewWilliam Clifford MGenesee, NyDonna M.Jaques33Town Genesee, Ny CliffordDepew32Town Alma Ny
15 Sep 1893 DermittWaldo EmersonMBolivar, NyMartha J Traver37NyW.B.Dorrett39 Ny
24 Jun 1918DerockNot GivenM Genesee, NyAnnaDerock17NyOrville Burrows20Pa
01 Jul 1922Deschler Ruth IreneFGenesee, NyBerniceFortner 35Port Alle PaJohnDeschler40Wellsville, Ny
27 Aug 1920DeschlerVan ElwoodFGenesee, Ny BerniceFortner33Port Alle PaJohn Deshcler38Wellsville, Ny
16 Feb 1899Devicter Ruth RebeccaFBolivar, NyIdaKirby 25Farrandville? PaBenhaminDevicter25 Lock Haven Pa
4 Nov 1896DevictorLottie Idelba FBolivar, NyIda MKirby23Farrands Vaille, Pa B PDevictor23Lock Haven, Pa
14 Jul 1881 DexterAngieFHallsportElizabethKetcham 39NyClinton DewittDexter46Ny
20 Aug 1905DeyoDoris LauretaFHallsport Ny LilianGlinderman24Caneadea NyJohn Delano? Deyo37Albany Ny
14 Aug 1895Dick Lana OnnalieFBolivar, NyMaggieKriley 29Ossian Line Co, NyFredDick29Dansville, Ny
24 May 1920DickersonBabyMGenesee, Ny EdithLad??20Poughkeepsie NyHarold Dickerson23Machias Ny
22 Jun 1915Dickerson Earl GeorgeMShongo, NyClaraVanpelt 34Shongo, NyJamesDickerson41Alma Ny
12 Jul 1923DickersonRobert FosterM Bolivar, NyEdith S.Ladue23Poughkeepsie Ny Harold J.Dickerson25Machias Ny
16 Aug 1897 DickinsonBabyMGenesee, NyLucy M. Dickinson18Clarksville Ny     
7 Oct 1901DickinsonBaby MBolivar, NyEdityFrost27Portville Ny WilliamDickinson28Bolivar, Ny
1889 DickinsonBabyFBolivar, NyMary Frances Merritt Little Genesee,NyA ADickinson 41White Creek, Ny
13 Dec 1903Dickinson EldonMWilling, NyMinnieKnox26 Willing, NyGeorgeDickinson36 
23 Jun 1896DickinsonMildredFStannards, Ny     UriahDickinson   
19 Aug 1901Dickinson Virgie C.MWilling, NyMinnieKnox24 Willing, NyGeorgeDickinson34Willing, Ny
2 Apr 1909DillieEdgar CephasMBolivar, Ny EuphaBrewer37PaIraDillie 41Pa
12 Oct 1888DillonStephen Vincent MBolivar, NyMargaretKelley32Butler Co, Pa Daniel JDillon38Philadelphia, Pa
1 Dec 1890DoddWaldoMBolivar, Ny  30 E.DoddSaddler  O N Latham
21 Jul 1906DodgeDorothy FBolivar, NyEmma A.Mead40Bolivar, Ny W. A.Dodge46Ny
19 Feb 1898 DodgeElba MeadMBolivar, NyEmma A.Mead 33Bolivar, NyWalter A.Dodge38Ward Ny
17 Jun 1906DodsonBabyMGenesee, Ny N/GHawley38PaLester L.Dodson  Pa
23 Nov 1903DodsonDevere Maynard MBolivar, NyCleoBrundage23Shongo, Ny LedevereDodson22Allentown Ny
24 Jul 1898 DodsonLeslie LincolnMBolivar, NyMyrtie A. Hawley30NyLeslie L.Dodson32 Ny
29 Jan 1904DodsonLyleM Genesee, NyMyrtie A.Hawley36Mckean Co Pa Leslie L.Dodson38Wirt Ny
15 Sep 1912 DodsonRuth MarciaFBolivar, NyLula Kemery? Baster Pa?OravilleDodson 22Allentown Ny
26 Feb 1908DolanBaby FBolivar, NyMargaretDougherty  Bolivar, NyWilliamDolan25Newfane Ny
27 Jan 1909DolanMary ElizabethFBolivar, Ny MargaretDougherty25NyWilliamDolan 26Ny
11 Feb 1884DoniganBaby FBolivar, NyOpheliaBranuff20Elk Co. Pa JamesDonigan26Olean, Ny
28 Jul 1919 DorrittEthlyn L.FBolivar, NyEsther Smith20NyWilliamDorritt36Ny
10 Sep 1908DorseyMildred ElizabethF Stannards, NyLydiaBrandes24Stannards, Ny JohnDorsey25Little Genesee, Ny
11 Mar 1913 DoughertyBabyMBolivar, NyFlorence Mott31Rouse? Point NyP. H.Dougherty36 Andover Ny
30 Mar 1906DoughertyGlenn Francis MBolivar, NyFlorence????22Angelica Ny ClydeDougherty22Friendship Ny
7 Sep 1914 DoughertyMary KatherineFBolivar, NyFlorence Katherine Mott32ConnPatrick H.Dougherty37 Ny
7 Aug 1921DoughertyRichard Anthony MBolivar, NyElizabethCrelly31Richfield Kan John PeterDougherty39Andover Ny
12 May 1917 DowneyLula JaneFWilling, NyEmma Grace Adams21Harrison Valley PaHarrison BlaineDowney 25Ulysses Pa
1 Mar 1884DownsBaby FBolivar, NyMaryKing   JamesDowns  
7 May 1902 DrakeBabyFBolivar, Ny Severance   WalterDrake  
16 Dec 1893DrakeBabyFBolivar, Ny GertieVoorhees22Bolivar, NyJohn E Drake28Willing, Ny
22 Sep 1896Drake Edith BelleFBolivar, NyGertie EVoorhees 24Bolivar, NyJ EDrake30Shongo, Ny
23 Apr 1913DrakeLeon Frederick20 Bolivar, NyNellie L.Cowles20NyHal L. Drake24Pa
26 Oct 1903Drake Neva GertrudeFBolivar, NyMyrtle BelleThomas 32Wirt NyWalterDrake24Pa
23 Dec 1917DuellVictor LaverneM  LillianHunt18NyMarkDuell 24Pa
4 Jan 1910DumboltenBaby MBolivar, NyNettieAdams21Ny Arlie F.Dumbolten23Minneapolis Minn
25 Aug 1907 DumboltonJoelMGenesee, NyBlanchAdams 20NyA.F.Dumbolton21Mich
01 Mar 1911Dunham??BabyFGenesee, Ny Ann MaryBlack? CanadaFredDunham?? 39Canada
1 Sep 1903DunnBaby FBolivar, NyBridget M.Shanley37Wellsville, Ny Bernard J.Dunn49Owego Ny
4 Jul 1897 DunnHelenFBolivar, NyBridget M.Chanley 28Wellsville, NyB.S.Dunn37Honesdale Pa
25 Oct 1898DunnLouis BernardMBolivar, Ny Bridget M.Shanley30Wellsville, NyBernard S. Dunn36Owego Ny
3 Mar 1902Dunn Margaret M.FBolivar, NyBridget M.Shanley 34WellsvilleBernard S.Dunn42Noonesdale Pa
7 Feb 1900DunnWilliam A.2Bolivar, Ny Shanley31 Lsville NyBernard S. Dunn Honesdale Pa
8 Mar 1920Dunning Edith M.FBolivar, NyMaryMcveigh36 NeClaytonDunning42Ny
29 July 1883 DunningErma EloiseFBolivar, NyElla E Brown  JoshuaDunning   
28 Jul 1888DunningEthel Agnes FBolivar, NyElla ABrown38Potter Co, Pa JoshuaDunning45West Almond, Ny
21 Jun 1918 DunningMary G.FBolivar, NyMary H. Mcveigh34NeClayton M.Dunning40 Ny
29 July 1883DunningMary VF Bolivar, NyElla EBrown  Joshua Dunning  
21 Apr 1917Dunning OrthaFHallsportRhodaScott27 Rexville NyCharlesDunning34Whitesville Ny
28 Aug 1923DunningPhylis MarieFGenesee, Ny HelenMaxson25NyFloydDunning 23Bolivar, Ny
04 Jun 1922DunningRobert Louis MGenesee, NyHelen M.Maxson24Town Genesee, Ny FloydDunning22Genesee, Ny
27 Oct 1915 DunshieLois MaeFWilling, NyTillie E. Terrette18Shinglehouse, PaJesse M.Dunshie 20Millport, Pa
29 Aug 1902

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