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AUSTIN, Kenneth Lloyd spouse of Marie E. Mills-Koehler born 6-20-1923 died 7-24-2010 age 87y  Son of Olin & Estella Corrie Austin b. Scio NY d. Bath NY Wife #1 Margaret Sutterlin who died 4-1982 Wed Wife #2 on 10-21-1992 in Andover NY U.S. Army 1943-1947 in the Pacific Theather WW2
BABBITT, Richard M. spouse of Lucia Seely born 6-17-1935 died 3-4-2006 age 70y  Son of Lyman & Violet Potter Babbitt b. Scio NY d. Allentown NY Wed 1 -16-1954 in Allentown NY
BAIER, Theodore T. spouse of Donald F. "Fred" born 12-11-1930 died 7-4-2008 age 77y  Dau. of Earl & Mary Buser Fath b. Cheektowaga NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-13-1951 in Lancaster NY 
BAKER, Betty M. spouse of  born 8-24-1928 died 3-28-2002 age 74y  Dau. of Joseph & Ruth Murray Miller b. Nile NY d. Hinsdale NY 
BAKER, Julie R . spouse of  born 6-5-1957 died 6-22-2007 age 50y  Dau. of James & Cecil Davison Baker b. Olean NY d. Rochester NY 
BALDWIN, Lewis J. "Louie" spouse of Carla Fox born 7-25-1936 died 10-30-2002 age 66y  Son of Harley H. & Dora Travis Baldwin b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1980 
BARNES, Mary F.  spouse of Willet LaVerne born 8-4-1916 died 10-31-2010 age 94y  Dau. of Joihn H. & Mary F. Vetter Perry b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Husband #1 George A. Gray 
BARNETT, Robert J. "Robbie" spouse of  born 3-29-1975 died 5-20-2006 age 31y  Son of Robert J. & Beverly Emerson Barnett b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY 
BARRETT, Carol Jean spouse of Phil born 4-13-1941 died 3-25-2009 age 67y  Dau. of Paul & Gladys Gilbert Fogle b. Springwater NY d. Andover NY 
BECKHORN, Hugh O. spouse of  born 8-29-1951 died 10-3-2008 age   Son of Donald & Geraldine White Beckhorn b. Blossburg PA d. Buffalo NY 
BECKWITH, Charles Robert "Bob" spouse of Maxine born 1-9-1929 died 11-8-2009 age 80y  Son of William Jess & Louise Rutz Beckwith b. Angelica NY d. Houghton NY Served in WW2 receiving many Medals of Honor
BENTLEY, Ida M. spouse of Clayton born 5-8-1944 died 8-21-2002 age 58y  Dau. of Harold & Bernice Hallock Hoffman b. Wellsville NY d. Angelica NY 
BLY, Loren P. MD spouse of  Morjorie A. Lewis born  11 Jul 1911 died  31 Jul 1994 s/o William W. & Inez A.
BLY, Marjoie A. spouse of  Dr. Loren P. born  17 Nov 1914 died  22 Jul 2010 d/o Charles & Louise Lewis
BOWEN, Bruce A. spouse of  born 1-1-1964 died 6-15-2008 age   Son of Barton & Barbara Swartz Bowen b. Olean NY d. Cuba NY 
BREWER, Joyce Darlene spouse of Alan S. born 7-22-1950 died 7-16-2007 age 56y  Dau. of Chester L. & Edna Williams Baker b. Wellsville NY d. Belfast NY Wed 6-21-1997
BROWN, George S. spouse of Ruth S. Odlin born 1-6-1914 died 4-1-2006 age 92y  Son of Leon D. & Harriet E. Shaw Brown b.Canton NY  d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-20-1949 in New York City NY 
BROWN Ralph E. spouse of Pauline Snyder born 7-12-1922 died 1-22-2009 age 86y  Son of Henry & Mable Farrell Brown b. Saranac Lake NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-1-1944 in Saranac Lake NY U.S. Navy WW2
BROWN, Walter E. "Moose: spouse of  born 7-13-1942 died 6-1-2010 age 67y  Son of Albert & Joetta Hoover Brown b. Wellsville NY d. Belmont NY U.S. Navy 1960-1962 
BRUNKE, Muriel spouse of Charles F. born 3-13-1933 died 10-9-2008 age   Son of William & Muriel Pender D'Esposito b. Mineola d. Olean NY 
BURKE, Karen A . spouse of  born 9-26-1944 died 3-17-2006 age 61y  Dau. of Kenneth & Clara Braun Smith b. Lackawanna NY d. Wellsville NY 
BURKHARD, Robert E. "Bob" spouse of Le Etta McRae born 3-10-1930 died 11-9-2009 age 79y  b. Buffalo NY d. Angelica NY Wed 7-1980 
BURNSIDE, Judith Marie spouse of Douglas born 9-11-1942 died 2-1-2010 age   Dau. of Leo & Alma Archambeault Bowersox b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-16-1963 in Chicago IL
BURROWS, Frank M. "Sonny" spouse of Anna L. Bolam born 9-11-1943 died 7-8-2007 age 63y  Son of Joseph & Forris Holladay Burrows b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY Wed 8-12-1975 in Town of Willing NY 
BYRON, James A. spouse of  born 11-25-1952 died 12-30-2005 age 53y  Son of Deo A. & Betty Webster Byron b. Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY 
CALHOUN, David E. spouse of Nancy Phearsdorf born 4-13-1948 died 9-5-2006 age 68y  Son of Ernest R. & Eugenia Learn Calhoun b. Cuba NY d. Scio NY Wed 5-7-1960 in Olean NY 
CAMPBELL, Roberta J. spouse of Lee born 11-29-1920 died 5-4-2005 age   Dau. of Harry & Ethel Morehouse Pendleton b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 1940 
CANTY, Daniel  Gerald spouse of  born Unknown died 10-14-2004 age 62y  b. Belmont NY d. Fargo ND U.S. Navy 
CARPENTER, Genevieve E. spouse of Lawton  born 3-6-1940 died 9-26-2006 age   Dau. of Otto K. & Anne Brooks Broughton b. Town of Jasper NY d. Belmont NY Wed 2-4-1959 in Friendship NY 
CAYLOR, Eli William "Bill" spouse of Dortha  born 1-11-1942 died 4-26-2010 age 68y  Son of Frank William & Edith Elizabeth Barman Caylor b. Knoxville TN d. Whitesville NY 
CLARK, Genevieve F. spouse of  born 1-21-1909 died 12-10-2003 age   Dau. of Ray & Mae Hope Fairbrother b. Cohocton NY d. Wellsville NY 
CLARK, Richard E. spouse of Roxanne M. Crance born 4-12-1944 died 5-29-2009 age 65y  Son of Earl & Ethel Gardner Clark b. Cuba NY d. Scio NY Wed 10-3-1970 in Scio NY 
CLARKE, Genevieve M. spouse of Wally S. born 8-29-1946 died 7-30-2007 age 60y  Dau. of Thomas & Catherine Struble Donnelly b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-24-1971 in Andover NY 
CLINE, Georgiana R. spouse of  Roderick N. born 6-26-1936 died 12-16-2009 age   Dau. of Geoge & Lucille Jackson Winans b. Alma NY d. Portville NY Wed 1954 in Wellsville NY 
CLINE, Robert S. "Uncle Bob" spouse of  born 5-27-1945 died 11-18-2005 age   Son of Neil & Mary Dugan Cline b. Wellsville NY d. Hornell NY 
COLE, Michael R. spouse of Elaine Croston born 3-31-1943 died 5-8-2006 age   Son of Wilbur & Jennie Huff Cole b. Webster NY d. Houghton NY 
COLLINS, Janette spouse of Larry born 5-25-1931 died 5-30-2005 age 74y  Dau. of John & Evelyn Kriss Atkins b. Unknow d. Bolivar NY Husband #1 Louis Dalaba
COLLINS, Leon J. spouse of Jody L. Kane born 2-19-1958 died 12-26-2008 age 50y  Son of Johin & Louella Pingrey Collins b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 4-8-1978 in Friendship NY 
COOK, Katherine L. spouse of Joseph born 10-30-1913 died 2-4-2004 age 90y  Dau. of Louis & Katherine Schaeffer Baldwin b. New Britain CT d. Wellsville NY 
CORCORAN, Edward John Peter Jr. spouse of Kellee Osgood born 9-19-1953 died 5-31-2009 age   Son of Edward J. & Roberta Bartlett Corcoran b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-28-2004 in Belmont NY U.S. Navy serving on the USS Mississinewa 
CREW, Lorenzo D. "Casey" spouse of  born 3-7-1947 died 6-15-2006 age 59y  Son of Maude Jefferson b. Philadelphia PA d. Buffalo NY 
CUMMINS, Alfred H. spouse of Edna M. Williams born 9-22-1909 died 12-19-2009 age 100y  Son of Henry & Elizabeth Bernard Cummins b. Delevan NY d. Cuba NY Wed 12-24-1928 in Clarksville NY 74 years of Marriage Edna M. died 2003
DARLING, Michael L. "Boats" spouse of  born 6-11-1965 died 10-22-2009 age   Son of Willliam & Charlotte Greene Darling b. Cuba NY d. Reno NV  Auto Accident
DAVIS, Alfred L. spouse of Barbara A. Ordiway born 9-6-1932 died 4-27-2006 age 73y  Son of Frank & Angie Dodge Davis b. Andover NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-6-1977 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Korea 
DAVIS, Dorothy G . spouse of Graham born 9-9-1921 died 4-7-2008 age 86y  Dau. of Lyman & Jenny Wilbur Post b. Belvidere NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-10-1938 
De VISSER, George D. spouse of Nancy S. Davis born 6-17-1936 died 3-12-2010 age 73y  Son of George R. & Louise Clark De Visser b. Rochester NY d. Friendship NY Wed 3-15-1969 in Rochester NY U.S. Air Force serving four years in Japan 
DiSTROLA, Shirley Ruth spouse of Lou born 7-2-1947 died 7-1-2005 age 57y  Dau. of Frank B. Gordon & Ma rion Travis b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY 
DODSON, Ruth M. spouse of  born 9-15-1912 died 3-11-2008 AGE 95Y  Dau. of Ortaville D. & Lula Kemerly Dodson b. Bolivar NY d. Wellsville NY 
DODSON, Teresa A. spouse of Ortaville "Bud" born 6-10-1958 died 9-2-2006 age 48y  Dau. of Richard M. & Lucia Seely Babbitt b. Wellsville NY d. Allentown NY Wed 1-31-1981 in Scio NY 
DUCKETT, Stephen D. spouse of Lisa Feinberg born 5-7-1948 died 1-15-2006 age 57y  Son of W. Paul & Ruby Prince Duckett b. Unknown D . Wellsville NY Wed 3-6-1982 in Salamanca NY U.S. Navy
DUNFORD, John E. Sr. spouse of Margie Hollister born 6-14-1939 died 11-10-2010 age   Son of Irven E. & Esther Mitchell Dunford b. Rochester MN d. Belmont NY Wed 9-24-1960 in Belmont NY U.S. Navy 1957-1961
DUNMIRE, Lyvonne W. spouse of David born 6-12-1944 died 1-17-2006 age 61y  Dau. of William & Twila Borger Whitford b. Geneva NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-18-1998 in Cuba NY 
DUNNING, David F. spouse of Patricia Nelson born 2-27-1936 died 10-4-2006 age 70y  Son of John William & Beatrice Stout Boyer Dunning Sr. b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY U.S. Air Force 1954-1957
ELISA, Gerald L. "Jerry" spouse of Julie Coyle born 4-19-1954 died 7-29-2006 age   Son of Oscar & Pearl Ruby Elias b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-21-1975 in Wellsville NY 
ELLSWORTH, Timothy J. spouse of Tracy L. Raub born 5-7-1960 died 9-9-2007 age 47y  Son of Sherman & Margaret Gilbert Ellsworth Sr. b. Rochester NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-12-1994 in Wellsville NY 
ENKE, Ernest Lewis spouse of Bonnie Ring born 3-11-1934 died 8-26-2008 age 74y  Son of Irwin & Dorothy Hansen Enke b. Emerson NE d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-11-1963 in Kenyon MN 
FINNEY, Robert Dewey spouse of Rae L. Hull born 11-8-1931 died 4-1-2004 age 73y  Son of Dewey & Pearl Marsh Pinney  b. Wellsville NY d. Alma NY Wed 11-7-1953 in Olean NY U.S. Marine Corps Korean Conflict
FISK, William G. spouse of Evelyn Windus born 6-18-1941 died 2005 age 64y  Son of Cleo F. & Irene Ferrington Fisk Sr. b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-15-1968 in Obi NY Veteran of  U.S. Air Forces 
FOLTS, Melanie A. spouse of  born 3-10-1965 died 10-11-2005 age 40y  Dau. of Jack T. & Eleanor R. Lynn Coats b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY Former husband Martin Folts
FORD, Georgia L. spouse of Raymond born 12-27-1957 died 2-16-2008 age 50y  Dau. of George L. & Gertrude S. Hagg Moore b.Warren PA d. Alma NY Husband #1 Richard Dale Louk Sr. who died in 2003
FRANCISCO, Madeline Opal spouse of Norman  Windus born 9-30-1921 died 3-29-2006 age   Dau. of John William & Carrie Mae Merriam Macauley b. Town of Ward NY d. Lancaster NY Wed 9-15-1951 in Scio NY - WAVES of U.S. Navy serving at Naval Hospital at St. Albans Long Island as a Property & Accounting Technician Pharmacist's Mate 2/C
FRITZ, Charles H. spouse of Anna Lang born 5-10-1925 died 1-17-2009 age 83y  Dau. of Clarence & Mary Nester Fritz b. Buffalo NY d. Bolivar NY Wed 10-18-1947 in Buffalo NY U.S. Army WW2
GEER, Byron R. "Fred" spouse of Joyce Allen born 6-4-1931 died 3-17-2003 age 71y  Son of Harrison & Erma Wolf Geer b. Ringgold PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-13-1950 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army 86th 101st Airborne Unit 
GENA, David L. spouse of  born 5-23-1947 died 3-27-2009 age 61y  Son of William & Gwynneth Anderson Gena b. & d. Wellsville NY 
GIANAS, John P. spouse of Annette Cretekos born 2-24-1935 died 7-23-2008 age   Son of Panayiotis & Chrisouli Giannakopoulos b. Sykea Greece d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-20-1955 in Sparta Greece 
GOLISH, Delores I. spouse of David James born 2-14-1944 died 10-11-2005 age 61y  Dau. of Ralph & Irene Ellsworth Latten b. Wellsville NY d. Tridelphia W.VA  David James died 7-16-1996 
GRANGER, Grace spouse of  born 3-15-1936 died 10-1-2008 age   Dau. of Harry & Mary Granger b. Oramel NY d. Wellsville NY 
GRAVES, Frances E . spouse of Richard born 4-6-1922 died 3-1-2010 age 87y  Dau. of Harry & Mertie Ritter b. Sigerville PA d. Wellsville NY 
GRAVES, Sherman L. spouse of  born 11-10-1921 died 11-24-2009 age 88y  b. Unknown d. Inverness FL Wife #1 Fern M. Cornelius Wife #2 Evelyn Richmond 
GUINNIP, David W. spouse of Margaret Wall born 3-9-1946 died 6-1-2003 age 57y  Son of Rufus & Clarabelle Martin Guinnip b. Wellsville NY d. Milford NH U.S. Army Vietnam War Auto Accident
HALL, Danny K. spouse of Joan Zimmerman born 12-29-1947 died 12-20-2007 age   b. Wellsville NY d. Zephyr Hills FL Wed 1976 U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam
HALLETT, Neal spouse of Sina Marie Allen born 12-9-1929 died 2-14-2005 age 75y  Son of Ira & Helen Casey Hallett b. Adrain d. Bath NY Wed 11-30-1956 in Hornell NY U.S. Air Force 
HARRIS, Terry B. spouse of Carol A. Fusco born 10-24-1947 died 8-11-2007 age 40y  Son of Daryle R. & Mariana Elliott Harris b. Wellsville NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 9-27-1969 in Olean NY U.S. Navy Seabees Vietnam War
HARVEY, Nicolas Wayne spouse of  born 5-15-2008 died 12-11-2009 age   Son of Dana & Meghann Warren Harvey b. Unknown d. Olean NY He will be remembered by all, and forever live in our hearts
HAVENS, Roy A. spouse of  born 8-2-1947 died 11-14-2005 age 58y  Son of William C. & Carrie M. Resue Havens b. & d. Wellsville NY 
HERRING, Roger L. spouse of Stacey Smith Matteson born 3-23-1945 died 4-26-2010 age 65y  Son of Joihn & Marjorie Rodney Herring b. Scranton PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-7-2004 in Stannards NY 
HICKS, Linda J. spouse of  born 7-10-1958 died 1-12-2009 age 50y  Dau. of Levi & Janice Mix Williams b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY 
HODGE, Donald Robert spouse of  born 3-15-1929 died 4-7-2007 age 78y  Son of Robert & Lena Sherwood Hodge b. Portville NY d. Coudersport PA Wed Wife #1 Patricia Morseman in 1952 who died in 1978 - Wed Wife #2 Marie Young in 1987 who died in 1992 U.S. Army Korean Conflict
HOOVER, Herbert W. Sr. spouse of Joan Kresge born 7-23-1928 died 7-1-2003 age 74y  Son of Walter & Erma Mattern Hoover b. Lehighton PA d. Wellsville NY U.S. Navy
HOUSTON, John William spouse of Charmaine  born 6-24-1942 died 3-23-2005 age 62y  b. Olean NY d. Fort Pierce FL U.S. Postmaster of the Bolivar & Houghton Post Offices
HOWE, Sue A . spouse of Gerald L. born 10-25-1961 died 1-30-2007 age 45y  Dau. of Richard & Beverly "Bunny" Fanton Rahr b. Bemidji MN d. Wellsville NY Wed 4-10-1988 in Wellsville NY 
HOYER, John Karl spouse of Julia Foote born 9-17-1942 died 10-24-2005 age 63y  Son of Walter & Mary E. "Betty" Hurley Hoyer b. & d. Wellsville NY Wife #1 Mary "Tess" Muench U.S. Army in Germany & Vietnam 
HUFFER, Barbara J. spouse of Gary G. born 3-24-1952 died 2-16-2007 age 54y  Dau. of Raymond & Dottie De Vrieze Koza b. Fort Meade MD d. Belmont NY Wed 1-8-1983 in Brockport NY 
HUNT, Katherine E. spouse of Lester A. born 4-21-1931 died 10-19-2008 age   Dau. of Alfred & Ella Mae Teater Billings b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-10-1951 in Wellsville NY 
HURD, Rupert G. spouse of Jane Spence born 5-15-1921 died 3-8-2006 age 84y  Son of Rupert M. & Anna Mae Patterson Hurd b. Gaffney PA d. Bath NY Wed 6-27-1985 U.S. Army WW2 Infantry Division in European Theater Received Purple Heart for Battle of the Bulge 
JEFFREY, Barton G. spouse of  born 1-8-1940 died 3-24-2008 age 68y  Son of Robert & Barbara Willis Jeffrey b. Melrose ME d. Wellsville NY 
JENNINGS, Robert L. spouse of  born 12-10-1937 died 5-30-2007 age 69y  Son of Fred & Marion Archibald Jennings b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S. Marine Corps 1958-1961
JOHNSON, Nora J. spouse of Jerry born 7-27-1958 died 8-21-2010 age 52y  Dau. of DeForest L. & Betsy Wright Christie b. Dansville NY d. Syracuse NY Wed 7-2005  Wed Husband #1 James P. Van Dewalder Jr. who predeceased her
JONES, Richard L. spouse of  born 6-13-1929 died 4-24-2005 age 75y  Son of Philip & Nellie Jones b. Olean NY d. Sebring FL
JOY, Nathan M. spouse of  Megan S. Torpey born 11-15-1981 died 6-29-2009 age   Son of Ralph B. & Kelley R. Thompson Joy b. & d. Cuba NY Wed 9-10-2004 in Cuba NY
KELLEY, Benjamin Saxton spouse of Gladys Amelia Lunsford "Happy" born 5-11-1921 died 12-13-2009 age   Son of John Harrison & Ethel Kenyon Kelley b. Troy PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 5-10-1957 in Atlanta GA Served in WW2 attached to the Thermal Diffusion Division at Oak Ridge TN
KINNICUTT, Jody L. spouse of Gary J. Sr. born 11-29-1956 died 6-10-2009 age 52y  Dau. of Murray B. & Jean M. Metcalf b. Unknown d. Scio NY Wed 3-9-1975 in Scio NY 
KOZESNIK, William Alexander spouse of Mary Law born 3-5-1945 died 2-27-2007 age 61y  Son of Stephen & Josephine Boulden Kozesnik b. Trenton NJ d. Wellsville NY Wed 1-13-1968 in Dunoon Argyll Scotland U.S. Navy 1965-1969
KROHN, Marilyn A. spouse of Thomas G.  born 9-23-1939 died 9-5-2009 age 69y  Dau. of Jacob & Martha Schoelles Ultmyer b. North Tonawanda NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 3-18-1989 in North Tonawanda NY 
KUHN, Lawrence E. spouse of  born 12-26-1957 died 8-28-2008 age 50y  Son of Alfred & Billy McAvoy Kuhn b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY
KURTZ, Robert D. Sr. spouse of  born 10-19-1940 died 4-6-2007 age 66y  Son of Robert Hutchinson & Geraldine White later adopted by Karl & Florence Kurtz b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army 1958-1960
LAMPHIER, Eugene D. "Gene" spouse of Brenda Overholt born 1-21-1956 died 1-27-2007 age 51y  Son of Howard & Janet McConnell Lamphier b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 8-29-1987 in Wellsville NY 
LAMPHIER, Lois M. spouse of Lloyd "Sam" born 7-20-1928 died 2-19-2008 age   Dau. of Harry M. & Ella Emma Grete Kambat Winkelman b. Fredonia NY d. Rochester NY Wed 6-6-1955 in Fredonia NY 
LAMPHIER, Matthew E. spouse of  born 10-13-1959 died 10-3-2007 age 47y  Son of Lloyd & Lois Winkelman Lamphier b. & d. Wellsville NY U.S. Army 
LATHWOOD, William F. spouse of Carol Stier born 12-24-1937 died 1-1-2006 age 68y  Son of Fred & Marion Haverly Lathwood b. Saratoga Springs NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-24-1985 in Clifton Park NY 
LAYMAN, Thomas N. Sr. spouse of Donna Ward born 12-26-1933 died 9-4-2008 age   Son of Lyle & Mildred Scott Lyman b.Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-30-1957 in Cuba NY 
LEHMAN, Kelly C. spouse of  born 9-12-1964 died 5-27-2008 age 43y  Son of Herman "Sonny" & Sylvia Clark Lehman b. Hornell NY d. Wellsville NY 
LEHMAN, Raymond S. spouse of Helen L. Glace born 6-4-1915 died 12-2-2005 age 90y  Son of Herman E. & Maude Wheeler Lehman b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 6-8-1946 
LESTER, Laurence "Larry" spouse of Marilyn L. Childs born 2-8-1934 died 6-28-2007 age 73y  Son of Albert D. & Margery R. Matteson Lester b. Cuba NY d. Rochester NY Wed 1952 U.S. Navy attained the rank of Electrician's Mate First Class earning several Medals - Heavily involved in Veterans'  Organization
LETCHER, Edward D . spouse of  born 4-17-1922 died 4-27-2004 age 82y  Son of James H. & Kathryn David Letcher b. Glenburn PA d. Dansville NY U.S. Army WW2
LEWIS, Jerry Dean "Jake" spouse of Lynda Moses born 4-27-1946 died 2-19-2009 age 62y  Son of Neuire & Edna Marsh Lewis b. Little Genesee NY d. 2-19-2009  Wed 9-7-1968 in Coryville PA 
LOCKWOOD, Eleanor May "Elle" spouse of Harold R. born 11-5-1923 died 4-30-2008 age   Dau. of Audrey V. & Marian Dunbar Braas b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-10-1942  Harold died 8-10-1995 
LORSHBAUGH,  Geraldine I. spouse of Earl A.  born 5-12-1922 died 1-5-2010 age   Dau. of William L. & Alberta Rice Oakks b. Limestone NY d. Zephyrhills FL Wed 1948 Earl died in 2001
LUCAS, Marion  spouse of Preston "Roy" born 4-23-1923 died 2-25-2007 age   Dau. of James & Hazel Brown McCarthy b. Olean NY d. Wellsville NY
MALLERY, William D. spouse of Lisa Metacel born 10-6-1930 died 1-3-2003 age 72y  Son of Norman & Mary Mallery b. Wellsville NY d. Sun City AZ Wed 11-14-1969  U.S. Army serving in Japan 
MASTANDREA, Edward C. spouse of  born 1-8-1926 died 4-10-2009 age 83y  Son of Joseph & Catherine Mastandrea b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY U.S. Marine Corps WW2 with the Pappy Boyington's Blacksheep Squadron in the Pacific Theater of Operatons 
McCUMISKEY, Beatrice  "Kay" spouse of William J. born 2-4-1942 died 10-17-2007 age 65y  Dau. of Glenn R. & Doris B. Croy b. Buffalo NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 1959 in Belfast NY
McGEE, Fred D. spouse of  born 8-30-1943 died 11-3-2010 age 67y  Son of Fred & Kay Knappenberger McGee b. Bradford PA d. Wellsville NY 
MIGHELLS, Mary  Lou spouse of Edwin Jr. born 7-12-1940 died 8-11-2009 age 69y  Dau. of Lewis & Shirley Harrington Hanchett b. Alfred NY d. Hornell NY Wed 8-15-1959 
MILES, Diana L. spouse of  born 5-17-1970 died 10-28-2008 age 38y  Dau. of Richard & Florence Poore b.Cuba NY d. Wellsville NY 
MORSE, Ellizabeth  spouse of Douglas R. born 8-1-1949 died 12-28-2008 age   Dau. of Donald J. & Nancy Eileen Deponciau LaBarr b. Kane PA d. Olean NY Wed 10-3-1986 in Belmont NY 
MOSHER, Michael Lane spouse of  born 7-7-1963 died 6-11-2007 age 43y  Son of Lloyd & Evelyn Baker Mosher b. Port Allegany PA d. Scio NY Former wife Tammy Mahle
OGDEN, Julie Taylor spouse of Gary born 9-8-1956 died 1-28-2010 age   Dau. of Edward "Ted" & Margaret "Meg" Taylor b. Magog Quebec d. Scio NY 
ORDWAY, Charles W. "Doc" spouse of Genevieve Clark born 3-7-1924 died 6-21-2010 age   Son of Unknown b. Troupsburg PA d. Wellsville NY Genevieve died in 1991
PETERS, Charles L. "Charlie" spouse of Nancylou Babbitt born Unknown died 2-17-2006 age 40y  Son of Leroy & Dorothy Peters b. Latrobe PA d. Spring Hill FL Wed 1961 U.S. Army during the East/West Berlin crises
PHILLIPS, Lanty Sr. spouse of Christine born 12-2-1925 died 1-15-2005 age 79y  Son of William & Ada Phillips b. Hillboro W.VA d. Angelica NY Wed 6-7-1947 
POST, Brenda C. spouse of James R. Sr. born 3-29-1949 died 12-10-2007 age 58y  Dau.of Benjamin & June Wright Latten Sr. b. Wellsville NY d. Olean NY 
POST, Robert E. "Skip" spouse of  born 7-18-1950 died 6-21-2007 age 56y  Son of Walter & Edna Eastman Post b. & d. Wellsville NY 
PROKOPCHUK, L. John spouse of Grace Hallock born 9-5-1932 died 1-27-2003 age 70y  Son of Nickolas & Doris M. Scoville Prokopchuk b. Genesee PA d. Wellsville NY  Wed 12-16-1951 in Ellisburg PA  U.S. Army Korean Conflict 
RANDALL, Frank Edward spouse of Beverly Gould born 4-24-1921 died 2-16-2003 age   Son of Edward & Ruby Parish Randall b. Olean NY d. Carrollton TX  U.S. Navy WW2 & Korea 
RIFENBURG, Richard L. spouse of Kay M. Wilson born 5-21-1939 died 7-6-2010 age 71y  Son of Harold "Pete" & Lois Black Rifenburg b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 9-8-1973 in Andover NY U.S. Army
ROBBINS, Lloyd H. spouse of Doris Saxton born 6-13-1923 died 3-18-2005 age 81y  Son of Frank & Bertha Potter Robbins b. & d. Unknown  Wed 6-2-1956 in Stannards NY U.S. Army Air Force WW2 serving in Pacific Theater of Operations
ROGERS, Beverly Elaine spouse of James Lyman born 8-15-1948 died 8-3-2004 age 55y  Dau. of Burnham Joseph & Helen Gladys Rifenburg Babbitt b. Wellsville NY d. Scio NY Wed 9-17-1965 in Scio NY 
ROSE, Georgia L. spouse of David born 3-15-1948 died 9-14-2007 age 59y  Dau. of Archie & Lois McRae b. Cuba NY d. Olean NY Wed 3--19-1966 
SAXTON, Charles Edward spouse of  born 12-5-1968 died 1-23-2010 age 41y  Son of Edward & Beverly Newton Saxton b. Wellsville NY d. Independence NY Former Wife Stacy Billings  Auto Accident
SCHNEIDER, Judith A. "Judy" spouse of Carl E. born 8-17-1939 died 2-23-2010 age 70y  Dau. of Willard & Virginia Mallory Moser b. Olean NY d. Friendship NY Wed 6-2-1962 in Friendship NY 
SCORSE, Annette  spouse of James born 11-4-1958 died 8-30-2005 age 46y  Dau. of Dr. Robert & Shirley Lyon Bentley b. Wellsville NY d. Rochester NY Wed 10-16-1982
SHAFER, Esther J. spouse of Albert E.  born 12-9-1918 died 3-19-2006 age 87y  Dau. of Arthur & Hazel Tennant Smith b. Cortland NY d. Olean NY Wed 10-25-1942 in Peruville NY Albert died 11-1999
SHELLEY, Donald C. spouse of Nita G. Wrisley born 12-31-1926 died 12-9-2009 age 82y  Son of Donald L. & Movureen Childs Shelley b. Unknown d. Wellsville NY Wed 2-8-1947 in Cuba NY U.S. Army WW2 serving in Hawaii 
SHERMAN, Richard A. spouse of Kathleen Chalker born 1-25-1936 died 9-12-2010 age 74y  Son of Claude W. & Mary Karhan Sherman b. Ulysses PA d. Wellsville NY Wed 11-12-1976 in Wellsville NY U.S. Army Tour of duty in German & Korea 
SILSBY, David Paul spouse of Celeste Phillips born 12-27-1953 died 2-26-2006 age 52y  Son of Frederick O. & Dianne Silsby b. Bradford PA d. Swainsboro GA 
SMITH, Ann W. spouse of Herbert C. born 12-31-1939 died 7-5-2008 age   Dau. of Ernest D. & Margaret Huntington Witter b. Cuba NY d. Rochester NY Wed 12-26-1958 in Cuba NY  Herbert died 8-6-2006
SNYDER, Jean  spouse of Frank born 6-6-1928 died 3-5-2007 age 78y  Dau. of Frederick M. & Doris Potter Palmer b. Hornell NY d. Belmont NY Wed 2-15-1948 
SNYDER, Virginia A. spouse of  born 10-3-1919 died 3-23-2009 age 89y  Dau. of Edwin C. &  Mary Ramph Childs b. Dutton Ontario Canada d. Wellsville NY 
SPENCER, Ray E. spouse of Lynne C. Faecke born 7-19-1955 died 3-21-2008 age   Son of Paul & Maude Newton Spencer b. Bangor ME d. Wellsville NY Wed 3-1-2008 U.S. Army 1975-1979 
SMITH, Jeremy D. spouse of  born 2-16-1978 died 8-13-2007 age 29y  Son of James D. & Darlene Fuller Smith b. & d. Wellsville NY 
SCRIBNER, Vena spouse of  born 3-2-1929 died 3-1-2008 age 78y  Dau. of Jeff & Emma McCarty McCarty b. Jasper County MS d. Wellsville NY 
SQUIRES, Peggy C . spouse of  born 12-15-1953 died 12-2-2006 age 52y  Dau. of William & Carolyn Squires b. Louisville KY d. Wellsville NY 
STORMS, Herbert B. spouse of Gertrude V. Hoffman born 11-13-1923 died 12-9-2009 age   Son of Ruth Mix Storms b. Bolivar NY d. Friendship NY Wed 9-1-1950 in Annapolis MD Gertrude died 3-21-2006 U.S. Army Korean Conflict Military Policeman - Awarded Korean Service Medal with four Bronze Service Stars 
STRAKA, Richard "Rich" spouse of Sharon Rader born 3-31-1948 died 11-21-2010 age 62y  Son of Edward & Helen Ranke Straka b. Passaic NJ d. Angelica NY wed 1979 
SWEENEY, Bernard J. spouse of Patricia Winterhalter born 11-1-1942 died 5-29-2010 age 67y  Son of Alvin & Viola McNabb Sweeney b. Auburn NY d. Rochester NY Wed 5-13-1989 in Belmont NY 
SWIFT, Gerald R. spouse of Connit Shutt born 3-22-1945 died 5-23-2010 age 65y  Son of Reed & Ruth Howison Swift b. Alexandria LA d. Richburg NY Wed 6-12-1998 in Richburg NY 
SWIFT, Samuel A. spouse of  born 4-14-1988 died 8-3-2005 age 17y  Son of Donald M. & Linda Shutt Swift b. Connersville IN d. Scio NY Auto Accident
SZYMKOWIAK, Diane A. "Mary" spouse of Joe  born 10-17-1951 died 2-14-2004 age 52y  Dau. of Stanley & Carrie Wroblewski Lewandowski b. Buffalo NY d. Hornell NY Joe died 10-17-1993
TAYLOR, Theodore Brewster "Ted" spouse of Caro Dwight Arnim born 7-11-1925 died 10-28-2004 age 79y  Son of Walter C. & Barbara Howland Taylor b. Mexico City d. Silver Spring MD Wed 6-13-1948 Ted was an internationally renowned muclear physicist & environmental activist 
THURSTON, Ronald G. spouse of Janet Clark born 10-24-1941 died 9-29-2009 age 67y  Son of Elmer & Virginia Crooks Thurston b. Belmont NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 12-24-1996 Former Wife Sandra Hazzard U.S. Marine Corps Korean Conflict
TYLER, Melvina  spouse of  born 6-14-1933 died 5-14-2009 age 75y  Dau. of Melvin & Emily Herald Musto b. & d. Wellsville NY 
WATERS, Sarah V. spouse of  born 5-7-1942 died 6-25-2010 age   Dau. of William & Vada Graves Harrison b. Genesee PA d. Wellsville NY 
WILSON, Roy R. Sr. spouse of Jessica Mayberry born 5-29-1973 died 1-27-2010 age 36y  Son of Rodney & Kathy Hildebrand Wilson b. Wellsville NY d. Friendship NY  Auto Accident
WITTER, Janet M. spouse of Ray L.  born 7-15-1926 died 12-15-2010 age 84y  Dau. of Charles R. & Frances E. Phippen Eldridge b. Angelica NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-6-1969   Wed Husband #1 Kenneth R. Williams on 4-25-1948 who died 9-8-1968 
WOLF, Wilma M. spouse of Vernon F.  born 12-26-1923 died 1-27-2009 age 85y  Dau. of Harry &  Margaret Parcells Meland b. Medina NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 7-1-1946 in Warsaw NY 


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