Alger Cemetery
Town of Hume, NY
Transcribed and submitted by Eleanor Schwalb from a 1933 list by Gertrude A. Barber.
Submitted April 2005 by Gayle Thomson
Updates after that by Eleanor Schwalb and PHGS members
Another listing of this cemetery

ACKERMAN, Mary Spouse of Ralph L. - No Information
ACKERMAN, Nina R. died 10-19-1882 Age 1y 14d - Adopted Daughter of P. C. & M. A. Ackerman
ACKERMAN, Ralph L. Spouse of Mary Born 1849 died 1916
ALGER, Alonzo died 5-12-1871 Age 44y
ALGER, Incy Spouse of Rodolphus died 12-12-1877 Age 75y
ALGER, Rodolphus Spouse of Incy died 2-24-1856 Age 61y
ARNOLD, Mabel K. Spouse of Arthur Born 10/16/1937 died 9/28/2007 - Dau of Frederick & Anna Wilcox Kruppner b. Centerville NY d. Cuba NY Wed 10-6-1956
AYER, Maggie M. Born 1872 died 1887
BAKER, Mary E. Spouse of Nelson H. Born 1829 died 1899
BAKER, Nelson H. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1829 died 1899
BALCOM, Pearl Spouse of Wayne Born 9 Mar 1930 died 25 Jun 1976 - Dau of Archie & Bessie Farr Tisdale
BEADRSLEY, Hannah E. Born 1827 died uncut
BEARDSLEY, Cali Rae Born 2-22-2006 died 2-22-2006 Age 0d - Twin daughter of Willie & Megan Jones Beardsley
BEARDSLEY, Clifford H. Spouse of Dorothy Schlicht Born 10-17-1923 died 5-3-2007 - Son of Willis & Ethel Fayhe Beardsley b. Pike NY d. Wellsville NY - WW II Vet, US Army
BEARDSLEY, Kendall Marie Born 2-22-2006 died 2-22-2006 Age 0d - Twin daughter of Willie & Megan Jones Beardsley
BEARDSLEY, Lester L. Born 4/6/1943 died 4/13/2010 Son of Byron & Mildred Mowers Beardsley b. Fillmore NY d. Buffalo NY Vietnam Vet, US Army
BEARDSLEY, Marilyn L. Spouse of William G. Born 2/28/1940 died 7/26/2014 - Dau of Lyle & Mildred Butler Patridge b. Town of Hume NY d. Fillmore NY Wed 5-10-1958 in Dalton NY
BECANCON, Albert M. Spouse of Julia I. Born 1849 died 1924
BECANCON, Julia I. Spouse of Albert M. Born 1858 died uncut
BECANCON, Miranda H. Flanigan Born 1838 died 1915
BEDWELL, Charles P. Spouse of Wilma T. Tisdale Born 2/13/1920 , died 3/5/1996 age 76y - Wed 11-24-1943 in Macon GA, three children. Family Dairy Farm outside Belfast NY
BEDWELL, Wilma T. (Tisdale) Spouse of Charles P. Bedwell Born 3/6/1925 , died 12/3/2018 age 93y - Dau of Emmett & Olive (Bowen) Bedwell b. Pike NY d. Wellsville NY. Wed 11-24-1943 in Macon GA, three children. Family Dairy Farm outside Belfast NY
BENNET, Abigail Born 12-1-1778 died 4-26-1869 Age 90y 4m 26d
BENNET, Adelia Born 1813 died 1894
BENNET, Electa Born 1823 died 1899
BENNET, Father Born 1813 died 1900
BENNETT, Carol Ann Spouse of George H. Born 9-9-1948 died 5-25-2009 - Dau of Clair & Dorothy Cramer Gelser b. Nunda NY d. Dansville NY
BENNETT, Harold G. [Pat] Spouse of Mary Buchinger Born 1-04-1929 died 3-20-2004 - Son of Horace & Neva (Buchholz) Bennett, "Pat", b. Hume-NY, d. Houghton-NY
BENNETT, Olive H. Spouse of Clifford Born 11-19-1914 died 11-8-2005 - Dau of Forrest & Mable McDougle Wilday b. Perry, N.Y. d. Warsaw, N.Y.
BENNETT, Patricia L. [Patty] Born 9/30/1962 died 8/28/2010 Dau of Harold & Mary Buchinger Bennett b. Cuba NY d. Fillmore NY
BENTLEY, Joseph C. Spouse of Marjorie Tompkins Born 3-21-1934 died 12/21/2012 - Son of Belmont & Alice Cronk Bentley b. Town of Hume NY d. Warsaw NY Wed 9-15-1956 in Eldred PA - Cold War Vet, US Army, 1956-1958
BENTLEY, Marjorie Dawn Spouse of Joseph C. Born 5/27/1935 died 8/27/2015 - Dau of William & Virginia Emerson Tompkins b. Eldred PA d. Fillmore NY Wed 9-15-1956 in Eldred PA
BISNETT, Addie died 7-31-1932 Age 65y 30d
BLISS, Baynard L. Spouse of Pauline Hotchkiss Born 15 Feb 1909 died 23 Nov 1988 - Son of Fred & Luella Mills
BLISS, Fred Eleizer . Spouse of Luella (Mills) . Born 1-19-1878 , died 2-20-1959 . Age: 81y - Son of Marcus Eugene & Mary Maplet (Weaver) Bliss. Born in Hume, NY; died in Wyoming Co, NY. Married in 1904. At least three children.
BLISS, Laura J. Born 5-23-1906 died 12-18-1909
BLISS, Lorna M. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 5-30-1921 died 2-3-2008 - Dau of Kenneth & Laura Pike Schuknecht b. Town of Hume NY d. Houghton NY
BOSWICK, Letitia M. died 6-30-1837 Age 8y 11m 14d - Dau of David & Fanny Boswick
BOWEN, Mary (Bean) . Spouse of Gordon H. . Born 5-24-1934 , died 8-9-2023 . Age: 89y - Dau of Leon & Dolores (McAndrew) Bean. Born in Salamanca, NY; lived in Pike, NY; died in Houghton, NY. Married 8-28-1954. Two daughters.
BRONSON, Almira Spouse of William Born 7-2-1811 died 10-31-1883
BROWN, Francis L. "Buster" Spouse of Donna Vedder Born 2/17/1933 , died 2/22/2018 - Son of Forest & Laura (Hoagland) Brown b. Fillmore NY d. Portageville NY. Wed 11-29-1957. Foreman Armco Steel Corp. & Nardie Construction - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1952 - 1954
BROWN, J. L. died 11-16-1864 Age 90y
BROWN, L. Spouse of William died 1882 Age 66y
BROWN, Ruth Spouse of J. L. Brown died 10-16-1836 Age 64y
BROWN, William died 1-4-1891 Age 79y
BURGER DUFFY, June (Young) . Spouse of #1-Allen Burger, #2-James Duffy . Born 2-1-1929 , died 1-6-2023 . Age: 93y - Dau of Lester & Grace (Smith) Young. Born in Dalton, NY; lived in Pike, NY; died in Warsaw, NY. Married James Duffy on 9-4-1971, with whom she is buried. Seven children.
BURGER, Wayne A. . Spouse of Patricia (Deniston) . Born 2-3-1950 , died 7-6-2023 . Age: 73y - Son of Allen & June (Young) Burger. Born, lived, and died in Fillmore, NY. One daughter.
BUTLER, Jason A. Born 10/20/1972 died 4/2/2012 - Son of Lloyd & Harriett LaBelle Butler b. Cuba NY d. Buffalo NY
CAIN, Sarah Spouse of Yost Born 1837 died 1874
CAIN, Yost Spouse of Sarah Born 1832 died 1884
CALDWELL, Ettie died 5-4-1883 Age 29y 6m
CALDWELL, Mary died 10-15-1849 Age 75y
CARVER, Cornelia E. died 2-19-1851 Age 19m - Dau of Rev. C. L. & Eliza Caraver
CLARK, Lanny M. Spouse of Patricia "Patti" Brown Born 1/19/1954 died 3/8/2014 - Son of Evertt & Jeanette Haskins Clark b. Cuba NY d. Fillmore NY
COLE, Doy M. Spouse of Jean Brown Born 11/10/1924 died 7/6/2010 Son of James & Ruth Cole b. Draketown GA d. Williamsville NY
COPELAND, Dorlissa Mills Born 1836 died 1914
COPELAND, George Edwin Born 1834 died 1878
COPELAND, George L. died 10-9-1880 Age 16y
COUCH, Alonson died 10-2-8-1864 Age 10y - Son of Calvin C. & Maryetta Couch
COUCH, Amanda M. died 10-29-1832 Age 3y 1m 23d - Only dau of Luther & Sylvia Couch
COUCH, Calvin C. Spouse of Maryetta A. Born 1832 died 1906
COUCH, L. J. Born 1797 died 1870
COUCH, Lorin A, Born 1854 died 1864 - Son of Calvin C. & Maryetta Couch
COUCH, Luther Spouse of Sylvia died 2-18-1859 Age 65y 4m 18d
COUCH, Maryetta A . Spouse of Calvin C. Born 1832 died uncut
COUCH, Sally M. Meachan Born 1807 died 1891
COUCH, Sylvia Spouse of Luther died 1-23-1871 Age 70y
CRANE, Ormond Born 1842 died 1908
CRONK, Barbara Spouse of Keith L. Born 9-6-1932 died 10-1-2006 - Dau of Robert & Helen Lee Morse b. & d. Fillmore N.Y. Wed: 7-29-1950 in Hume N.Y.
CRONK, Karen Ann Spouse of David C. Born 2-29-1944 died 7-11-2004 - Dau of Graydon & Alice (Brown) Armison, b. Fillmore-NY, d. Houghton?-NY, Wed 3-09-1963 in Hume-NY
CRONK, Keith L. Spouse of Barbara Morse Born 4/17/1932 died 7/27/2016 Age 84y - Son of Chester & Margaret Miller Cronk b. Centerville NY d. Warsaw NY Wed 7-29-1950 in the Town of Hume NY
CRONK, Lillian H. Spouse of John W. Born 4-10-1910 died 11-21-2006 - Dau of Ernest & Ina Kunz Hotchkiss b. Centerville, N.Y. d. Houghton, N.Y. Wed: 7-18-1936
DAIN, Charles G. Spouse of Marinda died 1-24-1898
DAIN, Marinda Spouse of Charles Born 2-27-1860 died 6-25-1883
DELANY, Florence M. Born 1899 died 1907
DELANY, Henry H. Born 1840 died 1916
DELANY, Mary A. Born 1865 died 1916
DEWE, Amy J. (Smith) Born 11/2/1965 died 11/1/2017 - Dau of William & Eleanor (Brown) Smith b. Warsaw NY d. Olean NY. Two children.
DODDS, Katherine M. "Kay" Spouse of R. Graham Born 8-29-1915 died 10-13-2006 - Dau of Jesse & Bertha Darby West b. Des Moines Iowa d. Houghton N.Y.
DOWD, Almira E. Born 1821 died 1918
DOWD, Alonzo Spouse of Cordelia A. died 9-25-1865 Age 21y
DOWD, Anna Spouse of Elizar died 6-1-1830 Age 20y
DOWD, Charles M. Born 1854 died 1927
DOWD, Charlotte died 6-1875 Age 75y
DOWD, Content Spouse of Edward died 10-16-1851 97y
DOWD, Cordelia A. Spouse of Alonzo died 5-6-1854
DOWD, Eben Born 1793 died 1874
DOWD, Edward Spouse of Content died 8--14-1847 Age 83y
DOWD, Effie M. Spouse of Willie E. Born 1858 died uncut
DOWD, Elizabeth Fuller Spouse of Hubbard died 1844 Age 72y
DOWD, G. D. died 11-15-1901
DOWD, Hubbard Spouse of Elizabeth Fuller died 12-7-1823 Age 53y
DOWD, John died 7-28-1863 Age 73y
DOWD, Mary E. Born 1857 died uncut
DOWD, Menze died 9-2-1864 Age 31y
DOWD, Miles W. Spouse of R. Dowd Born 1826 died 1922
DOWD, No First Name died 5-21-1825 Age 3y 7m
DOWD, Orrin Spouse of Sally died 6-11-1875 Age 80y
DOWD, R. Spouse of Miles W. Born 1831 died 1869
DOWD, Rose E. Scribner Spouse of Charles M. Born 1857 died uncut
DOWD, Ruth Helen Born 1832 died 1907
DOWD, Sally Spouse of Orrin died 9-13-1867 Age 70y
DOWD, Valdae E . Born 1899 died 1913 - Son
DOWD, Vernon W. Born 1851 died 1928
DOWD, William Born 9-8-1820 died 6-24-1904
DOWD, Willie E. Spouse of Effie M. Born 1855 died uncut
DRAPER, Jane G. Spouse of Hiram died 8-31-1834 Age 23y 4m 13d
DUFFY, James R. [Pat] Spouse of June Youngs Born 11-10-1932 died 9-18-2013 Age 80y - Son of Owen & Catherine Rockwell Duffy b. & d. Wellsville NY Wed 9-4-1971
DUNKER, Catharine Beck Born 1851 died 1931
DUNKER, Catherine Beck Born 1823 died 1889
DUNKER, Peter Born 1839 died 1918
DURGE, Robert Born 1907 died 1930
ELLWOOD, Bernice L. Born 5/22/1917 died 7/31/2010 Dau of Floyd & Effie Peck Ellwood b. Town of Hume NY d. Rushford NY
ELLWOOD, Clinton Born 1906 died 1908
ELLWOOD, Crystal Born 1904 died 1908
ELLWOOD, Floyd A. Born 1877 died 1919
ELMOR, Charles A. died 6-12-1853 - Son of George & Caroline Elmor
FISHER, No First Name died 9-5-1872 Age 17y - Dau of Almon & Lucia Fisher
FLANAGAN, Alexander Spouse of Clarissa died 12-27-1841 Age 41y 10m
FLANAGAN, Clarissa Spouse of Alexander died 2-24-1876 Age 70y
FLANAGAN, Helen died 2-25-1846 Age 7y
FLANAGAN, John died 2-28-1874 Age 37y
FLANAGAN, Julia Ann died 5-2-1912 Age 80y
FLANAGIN, Charles died 9-28-1853 Age 44y 4m 11d
FLANAGIN, Cynthia Born 1816 died 1874
FLANAGIN, James Born 4-24-1805 died 1-25-1882 Age 78y 9m 1d
FLANAGIN, James died 8-30-1852 Age 88y
FLANAGIN, John died 6-16-1846 Age 5m
FLANAGIN, Kate M. Born 1859 died uncut
FLANAGIN, Margaret Spouse of Thomas died 6-5-1831 Age 60y
FLANAGIN, Mary S. Spouse of James died 2-22-1876 Age 31y - Wife #2
FLANAGIN, Ruel C. Born 1861 died 1929
FLANEGAN, Calista Spouse of W. G. Flanegan Born 1878 died 1902
FULLER, Amanada Spouse of John died 2-11-1841 Age 38y 11m 6d
FULLER, Bert L. died 7-8-1888 Age 17y - Son of L. D. & A. Fuller
FULLER, Elmira Born 1834 died 1901
FULLER, Fred C. died 11-21-1927 Age 66y 3m 22d
FULLER, Harriet Born 1827 died 1860
FULLER, John Spouse of Amanada died 3-21-1861 Age 51y 4m 17d
FULLER, Lorenzo D. Born 1828 died 1919
FULLER, Mary H. died 12-13-1880 Age 16y 2m - Dau of L. D. & A. Fuller
GARRISON, Mary Grover Spouse of #1 John Fuller, #2 Seymour Garrison Born 5-17-1824 died 5-7-1898
GARRISON, Seymour died 4-23-1886 Age 67y
GIBBS, Francis E. Born 1838 died 1925
GIBBS, Orlando Born 1840 died 1921
GILLETTE, Ronald E. "Ike" Spouse of Nancy L. George Born 7/16/1933 died 5/22/2015 - Son of Robert E. & Mabel Maxson Gillette b. Fillmore NY d. Olean NY Wed 12-23-1959 in Fillmore NY - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, 6147th Tactical Group, forward air controller
GOODRICH, Caroline Russel Spouse of Michael died 3-24-1875 Age 57y
GOODRICH, Chloe A. died 3-29-1869 Age 63y
GOODRICH, Ebenezer died 7-2-1867 Age 52y
GOODRICH, Edmund E. died 9-21-1851 Age 4y 3d - Son of Ebenezer Goodrich
GOODRICH, John B. Spouse of Phebe died 7-13-1849 Age 61y
GOODRICH, Michael Spouse of Caroline Russel Born 1797 died 1853
GOODRICH, No First Name M.D. died 2-19-1848 Age 22y - Son of J. B. Goodrich
GOODRICH, Phebe Spouse of John B. died 4-24-1852
GOODRICH, Platt D. died 3-28-1848 Age 45y 5m 3d
GOODRICH, Ruth Ann Born 1804 died 1841
GRANGER, Carl Ward Spouse of Priscilla "Pat" Smith Born 11/7/1933 died 1/14/2015 - Son of William & Eunice Dake Granger b. Town of Genesee Falls NY d. Higgins NY Wed 3-17-1959
GRANGER, Priscilla K. "Pat" Spouse of Carl W. Born 1-5-1940 died 10-15-2006 - Dau of Robert & Dorothy Henrich Smith Sr. b. Warsaw N.Y. d. Cuba N.Y. Wed: 3-7-1959
GRIGGS, Jasper M. Spouse of Maria Born 1842 died 1920 - Civil War Vet, Co G 104th Inf NYS Vols, Capt. Enrolled 1861 at Geneseofor three years. Wounded in action 7-1-1863 at Gettysburg. Captured I Action 8-19-1864 at Weldon Railroad VA, paroled. Mustered out with company 7-17-1865 near Washington DC.
GRIGGS, Maria Spouse of Jasper M. Born 1846 died uncut
GROVER, Aaron P. Spouse of Hannah Born 11-19-1796 died 12-23-1863
GROVER, Hannah Spouse of Aaron P. Born 9-24-1803 died 12-30-1874
GROVER, Nelson Born 5-10-1836 died 10-6-1883
HAMBLEN, A. died 7-28-1825 Age 28y
HAMBLEN, A. R. died 10-23-1917
HAMLIN, Alva Born 1823 died 1864 Age 20y - Civil War Vet, Co F 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted in 1862 in Hume for three years. Transferred to Vet. Res. Corps, date not stated.
HAMLIN, Maria Dowd Born 1823 died 1906
HAMMER, Albert E. died 1851 Age 8y - Son of Wealthy Hammer
HAMMER, Alphonso D. Born 1835 died 1911
HAMMER, Maryette Born 1840 died uncut
HARRIS, Mary E. Born 1866 died uncut
HARRIS, William H. Born 1854 died 1930
HEAP, Darus " Whitey" Spouse of Doris Dailey Born 5/13/1929 died 8/21/2015 - Son of Clifford & Albertina Higby Heap b. West Clarksville NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 1-10-1954 in Olean - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1950-1953
HEAP, Doris Spouse of Darus Born 1/11/1933 died 12/12/2013 - Dau of Fred & Sarah Barber Dailey b. Olean NY d. Houghton NY Wed 1-10-1954 in Olean NY
HENRY, Augustus Born 1849 died 1926
HENRY, Hettia A. Born 1867 died uncut
HOOKER, Harold W. Born 7-10-1892 died 2-15-1903
HOWDEN, Walter Born 9-16-1922 died 4-5-2005 - Son of Wesley & Lola Scott Howden b. Buffalo, N.Y. d. Houghton, N.Y.
IRWIN, Kenneth T. Spouse of Norma Jeanne Mills Born 4/11/1929 , died 1/2/2019 - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1952 - 1954 Korean War Vet, US Army, 51st Signal BN, S/Sgt.1950 - 1952
JACKSON, Chester H. Born 10-21-1834 died 12-9-1912
JONES, Ella Dain Born 1855 died 1930
JONES, John W. Born 1847 died 1923
KERR, Anna Mills Born 1871 died 1925
KERR, Walter B. Born 1864 died uncut
LABELLE, James K. Sr. Born 1-29-1958 died 10-27-2007 - Son of Harold & Geraldine Labelle b. Rochester NY d. Belmont NY - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army
LAPP, Ruth E. Spouse of Merle E . Born 2-10-1929 died 12-17-2009 - Dau of Arthur & Elizabeth Sims Churchill b. Somerville MA d. Wellsville NY
MARVIN, George Warner Born 5-12-1821 died 4-5-1897
MARVIN, Jeanne M. Born 10-24-1941 died 6-19-2006 - Dau of John & Edna Gilman Marvin b. Fillmore, N.Y. d. Batavia, N.Y.
MARVIN, Rebecca Spouse of G. W. Marvin died 1-19-1878 Age 54y
MASON, Gordon R. Spouse of Delores Turner Born 4/9/1932 died 7/10/2017 - Son of Clark & Marguerite (Lackey) Mason b. Nunda NY d. Batavia NY. Three children. Dolores died 3-21-1989 - Korean War Vet, US Army
MASON, Marjorie Spouse of Wallace E. Born 8-10-1921 died 12-27-2007 - Dau of Andrew & Helen Barber Chisholm b. Chazy NY d. Wellsville NY Wed 10-5-1940 in Chazy NY
MCELWAIN, Catherine Ann Born 1843 died 1917
MCELWAIN, George Ralph Born 1836 died 1917
MEACH, Florence J. Spouse of George A. Born 1858 died 1910
MEAGHAR, Alfred Born 1849 died uncut
MEAGHAR, Anna M. Born 1859 died 1927
MEAGHAR, Charlotte died 7-29-1865 Age 82y
MEAGHAR, Charlotte Born 1826 died 1891
MEAGHAR, Chloe Ancutt Born 1814 died 1889
MEAGHAR, D. died 5-11-1824 Age 47y
MEAGHAR, Pelyea Born 1825 died 1873
MERWIN, No First Name M.D. Born 1843 died 1916
MILLER, Alvin Born 1862 died uncut
MILLER, Ella Born 1869 died 1929
MILLER, Hazel M. Spouse of Harmon W. Born 6-29-1912 died 1-23-2007 Age 94y - Dau of Frank & Elmina Keener Overholt b. Hardy's Station d. Houghton, N.Y.
MILLS, Abigail Spouse of Roger Born 1772 died 1852
MILLS, Adaline E. Spouse of Nathaniel E. Born 1817 died 1904
MILLS, Alice died 12-26-1848 Age 49y
MILLS, Amy died 1-2-1864 Age 78y
MILLS, Baby died 1900
MILLS, Balfour Spouse of Sarah A. died 5-17-1919 Age 78y
MILLS, Benjamin Spouse of Polly Born 3-20-1805 died 8-19-1884
MILLS, Bernard A. Spouse of Louise Yanda Born 12/11/1922 died 8/19/2016 - Son of Balfour & Lenora Green Mills b. Unknown Wed 59 years - WW II and Korea Vet, US Air Force
MILLS, Betty L. Spouse of Donald M. Born 8-19-1926 died 9-6-2009 - Dau of Melvine & Meta Stone Howden b. Fillmore NY d. Winton Salem NC Wed 5-29-1946
MILLS, Brother Born 1868 died 1900
MILLS, Catherine J. Spouse of Philo Born 1820 died 1897
MILLS, Charles Born 4-22-1805 died 4-16-1887
MILLS, Clilnton Born 1906 died 1908
MILLS, E. Blanche English Born 1894 died 1906
MILLS, Father Born 1829 died 1898
MILLS, Francis M. died 9-22-1861 Age 21y
MILLS, Fred A. Born 1867 died 1905
MILLS, Hilland died 7-12-1845 Age 7y
MILLS, I. died 8-23-1884 Age 96y
MILLS, Julia A. Bellinger Spouse of Roger B. Born 9-9-1808 died 10-23-1895
MILLS, Julia A. Powers Born 8-11-1819 died 2-10-1905
MILLS, Julius Born 1846 died 1919
MILLS, Katherine Nelson Born 1891 died 1926
MILLS, Louise Y. Spouse of Bernard A. Born 2/26/1930 died 6/30/2011 - Dau of Charles & Christina VanName Yanda b. Town of Centerville NY d. Fillmore NY Wed 59 years
MILLS, Lowell B. Sr. Spouse of Monica Beardsley Born 9-30-1924 died 8-19-2009 - Son of Balfour & Lenora Green Mills b. Town of Hume NY d. Warsaw NY
MILLS, Lucinda Spouse of Webster Born 12-28-1825 died 10-13-1896
MILLS, Mary V. - No Information
MILLS, Minerva Born 1856 died uncut
MILLS, Monica B. Spouse of Lowell B. Sr. Born 4/21/1928 died 3/20/2016 - Dau of Willis & Ethel Fahey Beardsley b. Pike NY d. Warsaw NY
MILLS, Mother Born 1833 died 1906
MILLS, Nathaniel E. Spouse of Adaline E. died 5-10-1876 Age 73y
MILLS, Our Baby died 11-15-1876 Age 2m
MILLS, Phebe Rich Spouse of William R. Born 6-21-1819 died 1-12-1886
MILLS, Philo Spouse of Catherine J. Born 1814 died 1892
MILLS, Polly Spouse of Benjamin Born 6-5-1804 died 12-9-1878
MILLS, Roger Spouse of Abigail Born 1769 died 1845
MILLS, Roger B. Spouse of Julia A. Bellinger Born 7-6-1793 died 1-13-1885
MILLS, Sarah A. Spouse of #1 Volney Mills, #2 Balfour Mills died 1-15-1918 Age 92y
MILLS, Volney Spouse of Sarah A. died 2-11-1877 Age 45y
MILLS, Webster Spouse of Lucinda Born 6-11-1828 died 10-23-1901
MILLS, Willard H. - No Information
MILLS, William R. Spouse of Phebe Rich Born 1818 died 1906
MILLS, William S. Born 1858 died 1913
MOORE, Alice M. Born 1885 died 1927
MOORE, Baby - No Information
MOORE, Charles W. Born 1855 died 1924
MOORE, Clara M. Born 1869 died 1915
MOORE, George Spouse of Jane Born 1822 died 1913
MOORE, George G. Born 5-3-1879 died 8-12-1887 - Son of George & Jane Moore
MOORE, Glenn W. Born 1885 died uncut
MOORE, Jane Spouse of George Born 1818 died 1899
MOORE, Mary A. Dain Spouse of George Born 1-20-1854 died 7-23-1887
MOORE, Robert S. Spouse of Jeanette Vedder Born 10/15/1935 died 7/9/2016 - Son of Robert & Lvada Sampson Moore b. Oswego NY d. Batavia NY Wed 8-15-1982 - Korean War Vet
MOORE, Warner Born 1852 died 1909
MYERS, Clarissa Born 1849 died uncut
MYERS, Delos died 11-2-1874 Age 37y
MYERS, Henry Born 1847 died 1926
MYERS, John A. [Jack] Spouse of #1 Lois Silkiman, #2 Pauline Daley Rutherford Born 3/12/1925 died 1/22/2011 Son of Ralph & Joyce Passmore Myers b. Dansville NY d. Silver Springs NY. Lois d. in 1987. Pauline d. in 1988
MYERS, Lydia F. died 9-16-1870 Age 36y 3m
NEVINGER, Donna A. (Thomas) . Spouse of L. Merrill . Born 9-20-1932 , died 11-4-2023 . Age: 91y - Dau of Gordon & Maxine (Wilkow) Thomas. Born in Centerville, NY; lived and died in Hume, NY. Married 11-9-1951. Four children.
NORTON, George died 12-7-1922 Age 88y
PALMER, Alphonzo Born 1847 died 1924
PALMER, C. Born 1865 died 1923
PALMER, Nellie E. Born 1866 died uncut
PALMER, Willis G. Born 1879 died 1924
PENFIELD, Helen M. Born 1825 died 1903
PENIFIELD, Oliver M. Born 1827 died 1906
PETERSON, Eugene L. Spouse of Patricia Cleveland Born 8/17/1936 died 8/12/2011 Son of Raymond & Gladys Ackerman Peterson b. Town of Pike NY d. Melbourne FL Cold War Vet, US Army Aviation Branch. Career: 1955-1979. Awarded many medals including the Bronze Star
PHILLIPS, John A. died 6-20-1837 Age 29y
PHILLIPS, L. died 8-11-1850 Age 49y 6m
PIERCE, Charles W. died 4-13-1860 Age 4y - Son of William L. & M. J. Pierce
PIERCE, George W. died 1-29-1869 Age 8y 5m - Son of William L. & M. J. Pierce
PIERCE, Jonathan Spouse of Julian died 10-10-1868 Age 78y 6m
PIERCE, Julian Spouse of Jonathan died 11-25-1856 Age 63y 8m
POTTER, Melvin L. Sr. Spouse of Sidney Vedder Born 2/20/1937 died 1/2/2018 - Son of George & Myrtle (Torrey) Potter b. Winter Harbor ME d. Fillmore NY. Worked 44 years for Filmore Water Dept. Wed 8-16-1958 in Fillmore NY, five children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1958-1960
PRESTON, Helen I. (Bennett) Spouse of Robert S. Preston Born 7/3/1926 died 2/19/2018 - Dau of George & Neva (Buchholz) Bennett b. & d. in Perry NY. Two children. Robert S. died 9-4-1987
PRITCHARD, Jane Spouse of John Born 1837 died 1913
PRITCHARD, John Spouse of Jane Born 1835 died 1919
RECK, Luman Spouse of Sarah Born 1815 died 1893
RECK, Sarah Spouse of Luman Born 1816 died 1911
ROBINSON, Elizabeth Spouse of Harvey died 10-23-1856 Age 32y
ROBINSON, H. A. died 11-13-1866 Age 44y 6m
ROBINSON, Mary W. Mills Spouse of Seth died 8-13-1875 Age 74y
ROBINSON, Sarah Spouse of Michael died 7-16-1852 Age 88y
ROBINSON, Seth Spouse of Mary W. Mills died 12-1-1853 Age 52y 2m 8d
ROOD, Moses W. died 1815 Age 21y
ROOD, Sibel B. Born 1830 died 1872
RUSSEL, Homer died 12-15-1841 Age 2m 8d - Son of O. M. & S. A. Russel
RUSSEL, Oliver M. died 12-28-1871 Age 69y
RUSSELL, Catherine Born 1860 died uncut
RUSSELL, Eugene Born 1844 died 1908
RUSSELL, Florence Estella Born 1875 died 1880
RUSSELL, Florence J. Spouse of Frederick Born 1852 died 1916
RUSSELL, Frederick Spouse of Florence J. Born 1842 died 1903
SANDFORD, Raymond H. Spouse of Lucille Overholt Born 2-23-1912 died 6-22-2007 - Son of John & Mary Weidwright Sandford b. Town of Hume NY d. unknown Wed 65 years - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
SANFORD, Lucille Spouse of Raymond H. Born 10/22/1921 died 12/20/2014 - Dau. Of Forrest & Mildred Overholt b. East Koy NY d. Brockport NY Wed 65 years
SHATTUCK, Patricia Kaye (Burger) . Spouse of Wendell . Born 4-30-1948 , died 8-28-2023 . Age: 75y - Dau of Allen & June (Young) Burger. Born in Fillmore, NY; lived and died in Pike, NY. Married 7-31-1965 in Pike, NY. Three children.
SKIFF, Chester F. Spouse of Helen V. Mills Born 3-14-1844 died 11-30-1897
SKIFF, Helen V. Mills Spouse of Chester F. Born 12-3-1843 died 12-24-1901
SLUSSAR, Abigail died 3-11-1842 Age 58y - Dau of Nicholas & Elizabeth Slussar
SLUSSAR, Charles O. died 4-21-1841 Age 5y 6m - Son of Orville & Jane Slussar
SLUSSOR, Cordelia A. Spouse of Peter died 4-22-1875 Age 25y
SPROWEL, William H. Born 1841 died 1913
SPROWL, Martha G . Born 1805 died 1887
STEKL, Stephen R. Spouse of Sydney Folger Born 8-21-1941 died 9-14-2007 - Son of Charles & Doris Ayer Stekl b. & d. Fillmore NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
STEWART, A. B . Spouse of E. L. Stewart Born 2-28-1826 died 9-24-1878
STEWART, Annie M. Born 1839 died 1902
STEWART, Charles Born 1881 died 1894
STEWART, Charles Mills M.D. - No Information
STEWART, E. L . Spouse of A. B. Stewart Born 3-13-1826 died 11-7-1875
STEWART, Edith M. Born 1874 died 1920
STEWART, Libbie Born 5-19-1861 died 9-4-1863
STEWART, Robert M. Born 10-15-1855 died 4-21-1859 - Son of A. B. & E. L. Stewart
STEWART, Willie W. Born 12-1-1858 died 4-4-1860
STONE, C. M. - No Information
STONE, Calvin Born 1-20-1817 died 12-17-1890
STONE, Hannah M. died 8-18-1885 Age 55y
STONE, Joanna Mrs. died 3-30-1886 Age 84y
STORMS, Madalin D. Spouse of Robert S. Born 1-12-1932 died 2-2-2010 - Dau of Harley & Mildred Lockwood Learn b. Hinsdale NY d. Houghton NY
STORMS, Robert S. Spouse of Madalin Learn Born 11-3-1928 died 9-3-2007 - Son of Nelson & Adahl Capen Storms b. Painesville OH d. Olean NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
THAYER, Florence Spouse of Milton R. Born 8-18-1917 died 7-26-2006 - Dau of Gerald & Myrtle Foote Van Sickle b. Waverly, N.Y. d. Olean, N.Y. Husband #1 George M. Beadsley
THAYER, Herbert H. Spouse of Edna M. Benner Born 8-13-1920 died 12-5-2007 - Son of Edgar & Anna Taft Thayer b. Olean NY d. Houghton NY - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force. Australia & New Guinea
THING, Corine Spouse of Henry W. died 10-8-1851 Age 34y
THOMAS, Beverly W. Spouse of Lois Anne "Lanny" Smith Born 2-11-1938 died 2-12-2007 - Son of Norman & Caroline Travis Thomas b. Town of Hume N.Y. d. Fillmore N.Y.
THOMAS, Bonnie J. Spouse of Gordon C. Born 9-9-1933 died 7-18-2006 - Dau of Christian & Lovice Weaver Weise b. Frankfort, N.Y. d.Warsaw, N.Y.
THOMAS, Edward L. died 10-8-1928 Age 55y 2m 25d
THRALL, Betsy died 11-5-1843 Age 38y
THRALL, Betsy Jane died 1-30-1845 Age 1y 2m 25d
THRALL, Maria Spouse of Rhyla died 1-7-1872 Age 72y Wife #2
THRALL, Mariah died 5-5-1830 Age 38y - Dau of Luman Thrall
THRALL, Rhyla Spouse of Maria died 9-9-1882 Age 86y
TRALL, Almira died 5-11-1866 Age 75y
TRALL, Cornelia R. Born 1843 died uncut
TRALL, Luman Spouse of Mary died 9-26-1880 Age 87y
TRALL, Mary Spouse of Luman died 2-12-1889 Age 87y
TRALL, Sheldon Born 1839 died 1897
TRILL, Charles died 12-23-1824 Age 80y
TRILL, Charles C. died 1-17-1823 Age 37y
TRILL, Elmira died 5-11-1866 Age 75y
TRILL, Margaret died 8-9-1831 Age 77y
TRILL, N. W. died 6-29-1851 Age 24y
VANCE, Amy A. died 11-25-1851 Age 5m - Dau of James & Amy Vance
VANCE, Mary died 10-13-1854 Age 13y 6m - Dau of James & Amy Vance
VANNAME, Ronald P. . Spouse of Madeline V. Keegan . Born 11-5-1944 , died 11-23-2023 . Age: 79y - Son of Percy VanName & Madeline Sweet. Born in Fillmore, NY; lived in Portageville, NY; died in Houghton, NY. Married 2-20-1965 in Hume, NY. Four children. Uncategorized vet, US Army.
VEDDER, Marjorie Spouse of Ivan Born 6-27-1915 died 5-16-2009 - Dau of Leon & Bessie Fuller Silliman b.Town of Hume NY d. Rossburg
VREELAND, John Born 1800 died 1889
VREELAND, John Born 1825 died 1907
VREELAND, Rebecca J. Born 1800 died 1884
WAITI, George died 6-9-1922 Age 84y 9m 8d
WALT, Karen M. Spouse of Clyde C. Jr. Born 2/17/1955 died 6/25/2012 - Dau of Leonard & Eleanor Crittenden Rich b. Wellsville NY d. Town of Allen NY Wed 3-25-1972 Clyde died 2007
WALT, Penny D. Born 3/21/1969 died 11/16/2015 - Dau of Clyde C. & Dorothy Dash Walt b. Cuba NY d. Batavia NY
WHEELER, George G. Spouse of Susanna Born 1807 died 1890
WHEELER, Sarah A. Born 1857 died uncut
WHEELER, Susanna Spouse of George G. Born 1818 died 1899
WILCOX, Hartley W. "Slim" Spouse of Margaret A. Born 2/9/1913 died 11/20/2001 - Son of John & Mildred Reynolds Wilcox b. Clarksville NY d. Houghton NY Wed 1940 in Fillmore NY
WILCOX, Margaret A. Spouse of Hartley W. "Slim" Born 3/20/1920 died 2/13/2014 - Dau of Thmas & Mary Dornan McElroy b. Centerville NY d. Buffalo NY Wed 1940 in Fillmore NY
WOLF, Elise M. Born 1927 died 1928
WOLF, Frank H. Born 1866 died uncut
WOLF, Helen A. Born 1870 died 1927
WOLFER, Arlene A . Spouse of Clinton R. Born 11-30-1923 died 1-31-2009 - Dau of Albert & Isabel Bruner Zilker b. Bullis Mills PA d. Hume NY Wed 5-5-1942
WOOD, William died 3-31-1855 Age 55y 4m
WRIGHT, Cordelia Born 5-28-1830 died 11-3-1848
WRIGHT, Henry Born 7-18-1828 died 7-18-1868
WRIGHT, infant died 4-12-1827 Age 2d - Infant Dau of Miles & Matilda Wright
WRIGHT, Lucina Born 12-17-1833 died 3-1-1860
WRIGHT, Marlah Born 4-4-1836 died 12-20-1850
WRIGHT, Matilda Spouse of Miles Born 3-1-1802 died 10-20-1878
WRIGHT, Miles Spouse of Matilda Born 6-11-1800 died 9-2-1866

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