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Pennsylvania Counties: McKean | Potter

New York Counties: Allegany | Cattaraugus | Chautauqua | Livingston | Steuben

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April 2018 Rootsweb update.
Chautauqua County Historical Society website is back on line with a new, permanent URL that replaces the old Rootsweb URL. 
Allegany County 
Historical Society website is back on line with a new, permanent URL that replaces the old Rootsweb URL.

The links on both PHGS Index pages have been changed.

April 2018 - A reminder about PHGS data. Please remember that information published on PHGS has not been verified. This is true of all similar sites, Ancestry, Find a Grave, Family Search, Historical Society sites – all publish information for you to use, but by their nature, none of them can vouch for every bit of data they publish.  Instead, think of the information you find as clues to help you do things like request verification for birth, death, and marriage events.

All PHGS cemetery lists are works in progress.  However, we have found all kinds of things that contribute to missing and inaccurate information: cemetery walkers can only record marked graves, some stones are unreadable or missing. Even when the list begins with the cemetery record, some burials may never have been recorded, records are damaged or illegible . . . and it goes on.

You can help improve our cemetery lists by emailing us when you spot inaccurate information or a missing person. There is an email link at the bottom of every page.

One last thing about the cemeteries - the cemetery association for each cemetery has the actual cemetery records, PHGS does not. To request a record check, you must contact the cemetery association directly.

February, 2018 - Update on broken Rootsweb links. Ancestry continues to struggle to recover its rootsweb-hosted sites. The counties whose Rootsweb sites disappeared are taking steps to re-establish themselves online. As they do, PHGS links to their pages are being updated.
Cattaragus County has permanently moved to a different host and their links on the PHGS pages have been updated.

For the other New York Counties: The New York State GenWeb organzation has established a temporary connection to its Archives for as many counties as possible. Their Archive home page is a handy link to have during this upheaval. Because this is a temporary measure, we are not updating PHGS links to these counties yet. Instead, use the links on the Archive home page to visit our NewYork counties in their temporary home. 

January - 2018 In mid-December, 2017, a catastrophic, unrecoverable server crash brought down all websites based in Rootsweb servers. This is bad news for some of our sister organizations because they use Rootsweb to publish many of their web pages. Specifically, there is no connection to the online historical infomation of the Chautauqua and Cattaraugus County Historical Societies. All cemetery links on the PHGS Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Index pages that are labelled Genweb are not available. These links all display a page that says Rootsweb is unavailable. 
In the event that the information cannot be restored, you willl need to use an alternative site like
Find a Grave. The good news is that in most of our New York counties, many of the historical society members are posting new burials to the cemeteris in Find A Grave. We are not removing our links just yet in the hopes that things will return to nomal.

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